Two realizations

First of all, I’m wearing two self-made items that I didn’t make to match each other. Four items, if you count each of the earrings and the necklace all as separate items (which I don’t, really, so it’s two).

Monday and Wednesday have become skirt-wearing days this semester, with Tuesdays and Thursdays being class days, and Fridays being jeans day. Anyway, I made this skirt two years ago and still like to wear it. It's faded a bit (I should have used detergent for darks), but not noticeably (just to me). Love this fabric, by the way. Still have some left.

Cute, right? I have a grey short-sleeved mock-turtleneck shirt on also (it’s much cuter than the description), and my always trusty Clarks. But the outfit seemed to be missing something. Some… color, that’s it! Now, before you look at the picture, I should say that this isn’t exactly what I’m wearing, because I never took pictures of this set, but I think you’ll see why that doesn’t matter.

Do you remember the jewelry we made for Mom's wedding (all of the daughters had sets like this, just with different beads)? Mine actually has turquoise oval beads, but this was the least-blurry shot I had of the pendants.

The floral motifs are exactly alike! It was meant to be, obviously. So, that was realization number one (that they matched – it’s not deep, or even important, but when have I been known to share deep and important things here?).

Realization number two: As I was tucking the waistband of my slip into the waistband of my control top pantyhose (oh yes, I did just say that), I realized that I really need to start lining my skirts, so that I don’t have to wear slips. They inevitably fit awkwardly (that little tiny elastic waistband that wants to sit on my waist, where none of my skirts rest), and there’s always that worry that someone might see it. Apparently I find that idea embarrassing, though it’s really not worth caring about. At any rate, I think I’ll try to line the next skirt I make. Which… isn’t scheduled until winter. (And if you were saying to yourself, silly girl, how about you just don’t wear a slip, let me say that if I’m wearing a cotton skirt, it tends to cling to my nylons, and when I walk it sort of edges its way between my legs, and then I look like I’m wearing really bad shorts. Slips solve that problem by 1) being slippery, and 2) being much tighter around the legs, thus preventing any bunching up. So, that’s why they’re important. Thbt!)

And, so that I don’t leave you with that mental imagery, here’s a picture I took last month.