In brief…

… had a good weekend in Chicago. Saw no college friends, and only waved at Judson as we drove by. But, I got to have dinner with , and that was really good.

… turns out my Sketcher Shape-Ups really are doing something. After the 5K, my <ahem> very lower back is experiencing so… awareness.

… I took approximately 2 photos of our trip. They’re on the memory card, which is on the kitchen table, at home. I am not at home. Connect the dots.

… once again, I need to remind you that Wisconsin is bo-ring to drive through. It saddens me to think that it’s probably not even the most boring state to drive through. It’s rough.

had a cold all weekend, and was starting to feel better until about 2 am this morning. I’ll spare you details, but will say that I was really glad we had gone to bed at 9 (I know, so early, but we were super tired from the trip), since we were up for about an hour in the middle of the night. Needless to say, he’s home sick from work today.

… I have a headache that Advil won’t kill. (Also, I realized too late that I had taken all of the Advil to work with me, and will have to make do with Excedrin and Bayer. Sorry!) Hardly seems complaint-worthy, but it’s kind of killing my mojo.

… I really don’t have the energy to come up with anything else. I’ll try to be more entertaining tomorrow. Instead, I’ll leave you with this picture sent me earlier today.

He said it was Matea's long-lost relatives, that there must have been a mix-up at the hospital.
What do you think? Sorry for the blurriness - it was the best picture I had of her with her eyes open.

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  1. The part of WI we regularly drive thru isn’t very interesting, but it is much better than driving north to south on the west side of IN. That is BY FAR the most boring drive ever!

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