Maybe Hitchcock wasn’t a genius

That movie, The Birds? I totally know where he stole that from. Real life.

Remember our bird feeder? The one that the birds love? As time goes on, they love it more and more.

It’s getting a bit crazy.

We've become very popular with the "boring brown bird" crowd. They've scared away the Chickadees.

You don’t think that’s scary? Let’s zoom out, shall we?

The feeder, the tree, ... the roof? (Also the ground, but I couldn't get it all in the photo.)

Wait, what’s that?

Are they multiplying? Seriously! This is getting a bit scary.

I guess the next time we buy feed we’ll have to get something that the Chickadees like, because they don’t seem to want to brave the brown birds for the cheapo Home Depot mix. We might have to go up a few bucks. 🙂

Such a flurry of activity! It's hard to get a picture without at least a bird or two being blurry.

For bonus points…

Tell me how many birds are in this picture. Look closer. Keep looking. Yeah, you'll be here a while.

2 Replies to “Maybe Hitchcock wasn’t a genius”

  1. I count 10 in the trees and 4 on the feeder. Hey, I bought you good bird seed from Bachmanns, not that HD stuff! You were to keep that up! Your dad always called those birds LBJ’s: little brown jobs.

    1. Close! There are 11 in the tree and 5 on the feeder. Crazy, right?

      Since we have to refill the feeder every 4 days, expensive seed is not the way we’d like to go. The birds don’t seem to care. We’ll try an upgrade this next time, though, and see if we can get the Chickadees back.

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