Do you see that light? It’s the end of the tunnel!

[Hey, you try coming up with over 3,000 post titles that are clever and/or unique. It’s not as easy as it looks. “Weekend update” is getting a bit old.]

We get a lot of… not junk mail per se, but advertisements, in the mail at our house. I’ve removed myself from several junk mailing lists, so we mostly get bills and catalogs, as well as those advertisements that go to everyone’s mailbox. You know the ones I’m talking about. Last weekend I decided to flip through the Menard’s one – why, no one knows, because we don’t really shop there. Lo and behold, they were having a sale on something we needed! We promptly marched ourselves over there and took advantage.

If you remember, this is what ‘s office looked like when we moved in:


Two kinds of wood paneling, shutters on the window, crappy cardboard tiled ceiling, inadequate lighting, I could go on....


And the last update I shared with you was this:


Drywall, paint, ceiling removed.


Since then, there has been progress that I haven’t shared, mostly because we haven’t photographed it. You’ll see glimpses of that progress in the following shots. But that’s not the point.

Friday night, we spent four hours installing the grid for the new ceiling in his office.


Ooh, fancy! (Progress: trim around window!)


We also got started on the tiles themselves.


It's looking good! (Progress: trim around doors!)


Saturday afternoon we wrapped that up (well, as much as we could).


Tiles! New light! Oh my! (OK, the new light had been up for a few weeks now, but it's new to you!)


We left the last two rows unfinished because there’s still more wiring to be done. When I asked when that would be, I was told, “When the wires get here.” Being the sly wife that I am, I asked, “Have the wires been ordered?” Ah, yes, caught. No, no they have not.


It works! It's 1000% improvement on the old light, which made the room feel more cave-like than a basement room should feel.


The framework (everything but the tiles) was on sale buy one get one free. Did you read that? We saved 50%! It was over $100! ( bought the tiles at Lowe’s and they were on sale too, but I don’t know the details.)

We had to rush to get this done because the sale ends on the 26th, and, well, we want to use this same system on the family room this winter. So we had better take advantage of that fabulous sale. Last night we grabbed the Rav4 (good thing we have a vehicle that easily transports 8′ of stuff!) and took ourselves back to Menard’s. Actually, we went to 2 Menard’s, because we’d bought them out of wall brackets. Total savings last night: $170!

That time spent flipping through the Menard’s mailer? Totally worth it. Unfortunately, this means I may actually have to flip through it more often now, instead of just tossing it in the recycling.

It’s looking good, right?

Details: we’re using the CeilingMax system which is not a suspended ceiling, but does feature removable tiles. did all the research and found that this was the best match for our needs (the ceilings are  short in the basement, and he wants to be able to run new wires whenever he feels like it). The old tiles were not easily removable, and were basically destroyed if you took them out (they were stapled to the framework, so removing them involved a box cutter); they also had seen better days in some parts of the basement. The tiles themselves are Armstrong brand, and the light was purchased at Menard’s (on sale, of course).

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