… for having too much to do, so I haven’t had time time to do anything about the 8 CL postings I’ve bookmarked. There’s been a lot of good stuff lately. I don’t really need to fill up my garage stall with furniture that needs “just a little work” though. (Although, some of the pieces could just move right into the house, no work required….)

… for the sales flyer from Menards this weekend that saved us over $100 on ceiling materials!

… that people don’t stop caring about me just because I never write, call, or see them. I don’t stop caring either, but it’s hard to let others know without… letting them know. You know what I mean.

… for making friends (or continuing friendships) in class this semester. It is so much easier!

… one year, seven months, fifteen days. Just sayin’.

… that someone else has planned our annual apple orchard trip, because I wasn’t going to get around to it. As it is, I barely have time to just go on it (but it is crucial that we continue this tradition, because this is the last year the orchard will be open – they’re closing!), so it certainly wasn’t going to get planned by me.

… for the combination Facebook + iPhone. Without it, I’m not sure I’d actually see anybody next weekend at Homecoming. Because, you know, that whole planning thing really isn’t happening.

… for the ability to get to class without taking public transportation (Rav4, money for parking garage) – not that I don’t love public transit, but it takes so much longer to get anywhere, and I really don’t have 2+ hours for the round trip twice a week.

… for my new Sketchers (the Shape-ups). I don’t think they’ve given me a cute butt yet (it’s only been a week and a half, and I’m not really sure that shoes can do that), but I wear them more frequently than I did my old tennis shoes, and they’re very comfy. And bouncy!

… that they ponytail plant I have (that chewed on daily for nearly 3 years) is thriving here at work. It gets water, it’s not being eaten, and it’s very green and has new growth!