Contemplating Length

I made a skirt this weekend. Two, actually, but one went horribly wrong towards the end, so after I finished it and showed it to and we laughed about it, I ripped off the offending parts and set it aside. No pictures – it was that bad. It will be fixed, though, because the part I kept fits perfectly, and I did an excellent job on the invisible zipper, and, well, it’s not trash-worthy yet. (For reference, I’m referring to this 6-gore purple skirt, which I’ve made before with great success. I tried for View F, though, without the rose, and then shortened it too much, and, well, it was bad.)

Sidenote: do you think the 6-gore would work for a denim skirt? Dark denim, dressy enough to wear to work? Maybe with some piping between the seams or something? Thoughts?

Instead of letting it get me down, I promptly started another skirt on Friday night (literally folded purple skirt away and started cutting out pattern pieces). This time it was an 8-gore navy skirt (View A) out of moleskin, which is fabulous (though you have to be careful with the iron, lest it burn, and it doesn’t iron crisply at all). The front of the moleskin has a nice soft feel, and the backside is slinky, so no need for a slip (fabulous – no need for another layer of clothing!). It drapes nicely and is quite heavy, so it will carry me through the winter easily. The pattern (Vogue) has you use French seams throughout, which is really nice (there are absolutely no exposed edges in this skirt – I used bias tape for the hem, and everything else is enclosed in a French seam or bias binding). I did have some difficulty with the invisible zipper (where the seaming was concerned), but I came up with a decent workaround – the a quasi-Hong Kong finish. I made it the full length, even though it was much longer than my preferred length, because my previous shortening experience had not been good.

Well, yes, it is long. Several inches below my knees. It is not the most flattering look on me – I prefer just above knee, as it shows off my legs nicely and doesn’t make me look short (which at 5’8″ I’m not). Regardless, I’m wearing it today, and I have discovered some nice aspects of the length. I don’t have to worry about wind (it isn’t too flared, which also helps against the wind, though a nice strong A-line skirt is fabulous). Also, I don’t have to worry about sitting down on the bus, or fussing in my chair at work – it’s always decent. It’s a bit warm, too.

So… here’s the dilemma. I am definitely making this one again. Out of what, I’m not sure. I have two dresses and three shirts to make first (to clear out the “fall projects” shelf), so I have some time to look at my stash. I’m thinking corduroy. But, do I shorten it? Do I go for practicality or looks? (It’s not like the shorter version isn’t practical – we’re talking just above the knee – but it isn’t as practical as the longer length, especially with winter coming up.)


[Editor’s note: Sorry no pictures! Didn’t take any, but even if I had, they wouldn’t show much. The fabric is pretty dark. I have received compliments today, though – not about the skirt specifically (I straightened my hair too), but I was told by a co-worker I look like a movie star. Way to make a girl’s day!]

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  1. I think the longer length looks good on you because you are tall enough. How much below the center of your knee? It’s it’s just below the bottom of your knee, that’s perfect. Four inches below is probably too much. Longer skirts also let you wear tall boots, another Minnesota plus.

    1. Excellent point about the boots… but I don’t have any tall boots. Well, one pair, with 4 inch heels, that I never wear.

      From the center of my knee, the skirt is probably 4-5″. It just seems too long (but I only got compliments on it, and no one commented on the length, so it must not be that bad).

      I prefer my long skirts to be… long. Below calf. Then it seems worth it to lose the “showing off my legs” aspect.

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