…”but I’ve got great boots” boots*

Yes, you’re going shoe shopping with me again. Why? Because I can make you, and because hates doing it. I don’t blame him. I don’t like shopping for shoes for me either. There are rules about shoes, rules that are not always easy to communicate (and are not absolute, either). Rules like “no bows… unless I like them.” Or “they can’t make my feet look big” (as if that’s measurable).

I don’t know if you know this, but it’s cold here today. I ran back into the house this morning to grab a coat. Yeah, quite chilly. As I was getting dressed for work, I was debating what shoes to wear. It’s jeans Friday, you know, which gives me more options for shoes. I thought, since it was cooler out (and since I’m almost out of nylons), that I’d wear my brown shoes… Oxfords, for lack of a better term. But then I pulled them out of the closet and realized that they should never again see the light of day. They’re in baaaad shape. Bad enough that I’m a bit embarrassed that I wore them last year. The toes are missing most of the polish (despite having re-polished them many, many times), some of the stitching around the sole has broken… not good.

So obviously, I need to go shoe shopping. If I can state the problem succinctly, it’s this: at some point in the last 10 years, I have owned two perfect pairs of brown shoes, both very different, and I want shoes just like them, and I will never find that, so I will be disappointed.

Bandolino “Fairview” – one pair looked like these, though with a chunkier heel. Very thin, supple leather, lace-up, almost delicate for a boot.
Frye “Clara Campus” – the other pair was brown clogs, very understated, much like these. Probably not the best example because I think the clogs were actually trying to replace another pair of shoes which was even more perfect, but I can’t remember that far back. Also, clogs are a bit impractical for Minnesota winters, with all that snow and all.

So… suggested I look on Zappos for inspiration. Below is what I’ve found, and hopefully along the way I’ll be able to clarify what it is I’m looking for. (All pictures link back to Zappos – also, it’s highly unlikely that I’d buy any of these exact shoes, so I didn’t pay attention to price or size available or anything. I’d have to buy shoes in a real store. I have no idea what size my feet are right now.)

Reiker “Sarah 96” – The color’s off, and I’m not a fan of the bow, but I do like the overall shape, especially where it meets the ankle. The heel’s not bad too. These would be wearable with a skirt. (Quality 1: Must be wearable with khakis, jeans, brown dress pants, and the occasional skirt. I do have brown “dress” shoes for skirts and dresses, but I like my shoes to be as versatile as possible.)
David Tate “Megan” – These have the… refined, delicate look that my first pair of ankle boots had. They look comfortable. Too high on the leg, but simple and understated without being plain. (Quality 2: Must be wearable for a full 10 hours without having to do complicated bandaging beforehand.)
Annie “Krit” – Ooh, these I like! Very low on the ankle, so there’d be no worries of rubbing against… that bony part of the ankle. (What’s that called?) Would it matter that they have gold accents? I usually wear silver. Do people care about that anymore? (Quality 3: Heels may not be too thin or too tall. This example is probably too tall. I’ve got to be able to walk in them without looking like I’m wearing my first pair of heels.)
RSVP “Bravura” – OK, these break the previous quality, but they do have a nice look to them. I like the side zip – big fan. But, the large expanse on the top is generally unflattering to feet the size of mine. (Quality 4: Cannot make feet look like canoes.)
Clarks “Dara II” – Well, you know how I love my Clark’s, so I was hoping to find the perfect ones. Alas, I did not, but I did find some prospects. I like that these are a bit more casual than the earlier ones that had gold accents (though I think I like the fancier ones better), but they remind me a little too much of cowboy boots. The heel is a great height though. (Quality 5: Must be appropriate for suburban/urban life, not farm life. Must not make others think that I know how to ride a horse or rope cattle.)
Clarks “Mika Beth” – Interesting details, nice heel. Actually, the heel on these might be perfect. Also, the color is exactly what I’m looking for. (Quality 6: Brown leather. Sounds simple, but it’s important to mention.)
Clarks “Loving” – Nice and low again, which seems to be the way I’d rather go (wouldn’t that look better with a skirt? with pants it wouldn’t matter, but I don’t always wear pants). Understated but not boring. (Quality 7: Must not bore me. Must not elicit a sad sigh when considering them as part of the day’s outfit.)
Clarks “Faithful” – Not too different from “Mika Beth,” but darker and a bit shinier. I am undecided on shiny. (Quality 8: Must not be overly shiny. Patent leather is never acceptable, unless you are under age 8. And as a child, I did not want patent leather, since I was sure I’d scuff them up and ruin them.)

So, what are your thoughts on brown ankle boots? What can I wear with pants and skirts? What will be comfortable? What will look stylish (but not trendy) for several years?

*From Friends, one of the earliest episodes (maybe even the first one) when Rachel needs to stop relying financially on her dad but she goes shopping and buys boots… with a credit card her dad pays for.

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  1. No, I still haven’t bought grey heels. Apparently I often feel like I need shoes, but am rarely motivated to actually find said shoes.

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