Today I’m thankful for May 1st, 2012.


That will be my last day of school.

I know. Epic.

OK, to be fair, it may not be exactly May 1st. The Spring semester ends on the 1st, but I will be doing my student teaching that semester (as well as taking my methods course), and I don’t know when that would end (presumably by the end of the semester, but who knows).

It’s OK. You can be excited. Jump up and down a little if you’d like.

May 2012 is actually when both and I will be graduating (she from her second round of nursing school). It was deemed necessary to throw a huge party in celebration, and our house was deemed the appropriate locale. No date picked, or time, but you could start planning what food you’d like to bring to the potluck. 😉

So I’ve added a little countdown timer (over there —>) to try to be more excited, since 2012 seems like a really long ways off. And, honestly, today’s info, 1 year 7 months 29 days, is not exactly thrilling. But, it is a light at the end of what has been a really long tunnel. (I started Fall 2006, and already had my Bachelor’s degree. How is that? As a small consolation, I’ve earned a second Bachelor’s degree. Woo-hoo. And no, I won’t actually have a Master’s degree when I’m done. Seriously. But I will have lots of graduate credits to transfer to a Master’s program at some other school, if I so choose.) At some point, I’ll update the date when I really and truly know what it is, but for now, May 1 will suffice.

Also lovely? Now when people ask me how much longer I have, there’s an answer! For real! This would come in especially handy if I was planning on seeing any extended family anytime soon.

As for the details, I’ve got two classes this semester, two in the spring (plus practicum), the summer OFF, two in the fall (also with  practicum, I think), and the one in the spring along with Student Teaching. I’m really excited about that summer off (taking classes then didn’t change my graduation date at all, so why bother). I don’t know if you know this, but houses are high-maintenance. At least, ours is. Maintenance with love, though. (It’s just hard to keep up on all of it at the same time.) I don’t actually have a copy of the plan, because my advisor was going to transfer it to another form, and then submit it for someone’s signature, and then his own signature, and then my signature, and then it’s official, like a contract to graduation.

But in the meantime, let’s celebrate May 1.

Very, very thankfully.

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  1. Don’t think of it as Senioritis. Think of it as “staying sane for 6 years of graduate work whilst completing nary a degree.”

    I may or may not be reading a book right now written in the era of Jane Austin. 🙂

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