Two Pictures for Tuesday

Just two pictures to share with you today. Not much to say. This first one is primarily for , who helped me out this weekend picking out fabric and doing a lot of stapling.

upholstery fabric
Two chairs already covered in the floral. The blue one is what I found last night to coordinate for the other two chairs, unless someone tells me it's a horrible idea. Note: the selection of home dec fabrics (the 45" wide ones) at JoAnn keeps getting smaller, and there weren't many options. I miss JCarolineCreative.

And, a final sneak peak of my DQS9. It’s going off in the mail today, and when I know it’s been received, I’ll post pictures of the completed project.

Ooh, pretty!

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. I like the coordinating fabric you found and think they will look nice together as well as in your dining room. [stamp] Approved.

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