Boo for late sunrise times

It’s getting harder to take nice pictures again. It’s only daylight until 7:30-ish (at least, daylight that counts for photo-taking), and no longer light enough in the morning before I leave. At least it’s not December (I really shouldn’t complain about 12 hours of daylight). So, while I’d like to bring you pretty pictures, I am instead bringing you mediocre pictures. My apologies. Also, I was crunched for time, so I didn’t do any artful arranging or anything. Really not showcasing my best stuff here. But, I think they show off Sunday’s activities well.

After brunch with and Sunday morning, came over to my house to help me recover the dining room chairs. There was much discussion about which fabric(s) was/were appropriate. We settled on two for the chairs (2 chairs of each, since I mostly had 1/2 yard pieces, not nearly enough to do 4 chairs), and one for the piano bench (yes, that would be the second time in a year that it’s been recovered). We took the fabric to the front lawn to Scotchguard it (if you’d seen the old dining chairs, you’d know how crucial that is – however, since I don’t want you to lose your appetite, there will be no pictures shared of them). While that dried, we disassembled the chairs, pulled out a whole bunch of staples, and got the old covers off. We did a spectacular job recovering the first two chairs (even if we did have to completely re-do the first one – we learned a lot through that trial run), and then faced two problems. One, the fabric we had selected for the other two wasn’t actually wide enough to use, and two, we were running out of staples.

In the end, it was determined that I didn’t own a second coordinating bit of fabric and would have to purchase some (we tried, we really did! I really wanted to use up some of my existing stash, which we did, just not in the quantity I would have liked). So, at this moment there are only two partially finished chairs. (I say “partial” because the chairs are a bit wobbly and we need to re-glue some joints, and then screw the seats back in – this time with new, non-rusty screws, and four in each chair, notable only because several had gone missing since they’d been recovered 6-ish years ago.)

I didn't want Prince Charming or myself to accidentally sit on the unasembled chair, so I did this. Matea didn't seem to mind at all, and has adopted this one.

We moved on to the piano bench, which needed to be recovered for several reasons. One, when we did it last we forgot to leave uncovered the spot where the cushion attaches to the bench. Two, my original fabric choice, a rusty-pinky faux suede, was just wrong. There were always butt-prints or hand prints on it, cat hair stuck to it, and it was the wrong color (though it worked with the original color scheme for the room, which has now been abandoned). We settled on a print that manages to have the colors I wanted to include (notably blue) as well as some red to tie the CL chair into the room.

Doesn't it work well with the wood? *A* really liked how it turned out, and I do too.

Before she left, I wanted to show our garden progress. While I was showing off the pumpkin, as well as the two large patty pans I’d seen that morning, she found another (smaller) patty pan, as well as some ripe tomatoes!

For scale, the yellow blob in the basket is a regular-sized patty pan. You've got to watch these carefully - I read yesterday that they can grow to full size (2-4") in 4 days. There's several that I'll need to check on this week. (Also in that basket - 7 cucumbers, just part of the harvest from the cucumber plant!)

They might not be as tender as the small ones, but they're still pretty, and I bet they still taste OK.

This tomato needed to ripen a bit more, so it's sitting in the sun. I accidentally cut off the green ones with a much riper one, so I'm hoping some of the red will rub off on them.

My professor had finally emailed out my missing syllabus, so I spent some time organizing the semester, and then quilted up my DQS9 piece. It turned out well (but I didn’t take a picture of it, so you’ll have to wait). I also sewed on the binding (at least the machine half). Then and I went to Target and Home Depot, and found ourselves at home, at 7 pm, without having started dinner yet. Oops. While the veggies were roasting, I multi-tasked.

Perhaps not the best-looking corner, but it's the one that's in-progress. It looks so cute!

I have to apologize – I had two other very cute pictures that I took of this instead, but they both turned out blurry. Apparently taking photographs in the basement at 6:45 am isn’t the ideal environment for quality pictures.

After dinner, I did some homework, managing to finish just in time to do the grocery shopping and stitch up another side of the quilt.

Saturday, by the way, was spent at the State Fair. We didn’t bring the camera, so there’s not much to share there, and since I don’t get all googly-eyed at the thought of food on a stick, I won’t bore you. I did get a nice tan (for me), and the water ride at the end of the afternoon felt fabulous after all the hot stickiness that is the Fair. Now I’m good for another year or three (Fair-going-wise, that is).

I’m hoping to get the quilt in the mail tomorrow (Wednesday is the deadline), so I should have another picture or two to share (but not a full reveal until after it’s been received).

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  1. Hi Kelly!
    Love checking your blog and all of your projects!
    For some reason, I wondered if you’ve ever checked this website:
    Liesl does kids’ clothes, but has great sewing tips, etc. I knew her in college and love how practical she is while still having awesome design.
    “cousin” Natasha

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