Maybe I am Superwoman

Just kidding. But I have impressed myself with my productivity (and relative awesomeness) this week. (Also, the book I’m reading just got awesome. And I’ve been waking up a lot in the middle of the night. All this combined means that I’m tired. But, it’s a good tired. At least, that’s what I’m telling myself.)

Last night I had class, and since it was the first night, we got out early (8-ish instead of 9). When I got home, I put myself to work on the DQS9.

The aftermath

Sneak peak


Design-wise, I’m planning on sashing the blocks with white, and then probably putting a print border around the whole thing (though I’m not decided on that – we’ll see how it looks after the sashing). I want to try to make a wonky patchwork star for the top corner (I wasn’t feeling the embroidery that I’d originally had there) on a white background, and a surprise embroidery piece for the bottom corner, also on white. Question for those two – should the piece be framed in a print, like the others, or should it be white to the edges? Thoughts? I have picked out a plaid print for the background, and red mini polka-dots for the binding.

Remember earlier in the week when I organized my sewing projects? Here’s the results of the “fall” sort.

Left to right: two skirts, two dresses, one blouse (started) and three knit shirts.

Eight things. That’s at least conceivable. The winter bag has more than this, and then spring and summer are both quite full. The three knit shirts should take only an hour or two each. The two skirts should take a weekend each, and the dresses, well, my success in the dress department has been varied, so those will probably take longer. The pink blouse has been started – the back is done, and the two front pieces were done. But, they had me put interfacing and a lining on the front panels of the front, and the fabric itself is pretty stiff/heavy, and that just was not working for me. I’ve ripped out the interfacing (except for what remains in the stitches – I’m prepared to leave that there), and now I need to stitch the  facing (raw edges) under again. Then, I think, it’s sleeves, and collar. Buttons maybe? I’m not sure. I picked the version without a button placket, since at the time I didn’t have a machine that did button holes well. So, I’m not sure how the closure goes.

So, there you have it! The quilt needs to be done by Monday (to get in the mail by Wednesday), and I think I’m on track for that. No plans for this evening, so hopefully I can get the whole top pieced (assuming I complete those two corner bits). I might work on some other piecing too (for guest bedroom pillows), but only after I get as much done as I can on the quilt. The deadline for the pillows is Thursday/Friday, since we have guests for that weekend. Then, and only then, can I work on the pretty clothing projects for me. Keeping in mind, all the time, that homework reigns supreme, and I require more than 6 hours of sleep each night (8 would be preferred, but I’m delusional if I think that’s going to happen).