Today, I’m thankful at how productive I’ve managed to be lately. Last night, among other things…

… we finally quit the gym. 15 months of not using it seemed to warrant that. OK, I have gone once since we moved, and went a few times. Definitely not often enough.

… we refilled the bird feeder, though “fill” is a misnomer, since we only had enough seed left to fill the bottom third.

… I mowed the lawn (while making dinner – a feat I’m sure you’re jealous of). Actually, I made dinner before mowing the lawn, put it in the oven to bake, and while I was out, made sure everything was OK and cooked up noodles to go with. I’m not superwoman.

… I did more poly-ing.

… I partially disassembled the pretty blue floral disaster of a dress, wrote myself a note of what was wrong, and packed it all up for next year. The time for sundresses is over.

… I went through my clothing projects (pattern matched up with fabric), divided them out by season, and bagged up what wasn’t fall. The fall ones went on the shelf where some of them had been. There’s a lot more space in there now, and it actually seems… manageable.

… The above meant that part of my cutting table was now clear, so I cut out the embroidery pieces according to the markings I’d made on Monday. Then I cut out the pieces to make the sashiko panels for the guest bedroom pillows.

… Stayed up way too late reading. Stuff was happening! I couldn’t just leave it hanging!

… Accidentally slept in an extra 15 minutes today. Oops! Still, I’m thankful for that extra bit of sleep.

What are you thankful for? Have you been productive like me (what have you done?) or have you taken time to relax? Are things starting to get busy, or winding down?