Back to Business as Usual

After some emails were exchanged (and some reminder emails sent) and an appointment was set with my advisor, I actually managed to register for classes (by myself!) yesterday. About 5 hours before my first class was set to start. So, as of 6pm last night, I again am living in the land of homework. I promptly paid my tuition and bought books, which, thanks to Amazon Prime for Students, will arrive on Thursday, before my other class.

For those not paying attention, that means I have class on Tuesday and Thursday nights this semester, from 6-9. Both are graduate level, 3 credits each, which puts me at 3/4 time (8 graduate credits is considered full time) this semester. I should be much happier than the 8 credit semester (last spring), or the proposed 10 credit semester (that I was supposed to have this semester and next). That’s not to say I won’t have homework or be busy, just that… school won’t be completely all-consuming. I should have time to rake the lawn (is it almost time for that? no, that can’t be right), watch 30 Rock, and turn my sewing machine on a few times. And apple picking. Can’t forget the apple picking.

I am a list girl, so today I am making lists. Lists make me feel in control, and like the tasks are manageable. So far, I have an “office” one (meaning my craft room, not my 9-5), a school one, a home one (as in the house), and a Today one. I don’t have any syllabi yet (last night’s class was emailed out and thus not distributed on paper, and I’m still waiting to get my email copy), so the scheduling of homework with colorful Post-Its can’t happen yet. Ooh, fun project for Friday night! (What, isn’t that how you spend your Friday nights?) Don’t knock it – I have a 4.0 GPA (3.96 undergrad) proving my system works… for me.

For now, my lists will (hopefully) help me prioritize what needs to get done this week. If I don’t stay on the ball, I may have to bow out of Saturday’s State Fair trip (with and & stepfamily). I have some things with actual hard deadlines that need to get accomplished (unlike, say, “mow the lawn,” which is overdue but no one’s really going to do anything about it if I don’t, other than perhaps frown shamefully while driving by), and those definitely take priority over going to the State Fair, an activity that I don’t really enjoy anyway.

Now… back to the lists.

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  1. Thank you for teaching Amanda and I to use post it notes to schedule homework in our day planner. I actually started using that trick to keep agenda items for meetings I’m running. Suddenly remember something in the middle of the day I need to discuss at the meeting? Just write it on there.

    1. I don’t think that’s graduating.

      I duplicate my Post-its in Google calendar. Does that help? Does is seem more sophisticated then?

      Now, if you tell me you’ve created a database for homework management, I will crown you Queen and bow to your superior organization skills.

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