Plum Tuckered Out

We had such a productive weekend that… I can’t tell you about it. At least, not without photos, which I do not have yet. So, it’ll have to wait. Suffice it to say that we nearly worked ourselves to the bone, but in a good way. We were so busy that we forgot to buy groceries. Bummer.

And so now I am tired. I’m not nearly as sore as there was potential for, which is nice.

In other news, classes started today, and I am still not registered (despite emails to the contrary, no one has yet acted on said requests and I cannot register by myself yet). Boo. Thus books are not purchased, tuition is not paid….

Also, we have a trip to Chicago coming up at the end of September, which seems dreadfully close, and it is not planned, at all. It is my 10 year college reunion, which has potential for fun. We’ll also be doing Race for the Cure on Sunday. And we have a place to stay (‘s), and have figured out which vehicle we’d likely take (the Rav4, of course). But, um, I haven’t yet told anyone who lives in Illinois that we’ll be there.

People are busy – most friends back home have multiple children or are currently pregnant. I am that age. I can think of two friends from college who do not have kids – one just got married a few weeks ago, and the other… I’m not sure but for certain I won’t ask (since I am severely allergic to people asking me “When are you going to have kids?”).

And I don’t really want to plan a get-together, for good reasons. One, I live in Minnesota, and it would be so much easier if someone else picked a restaurant or volunteered their home or whatever. And two, out of the circle of friends, I am definitely not the one who was/is closest with many of them. There are far more “popular” people than I, people who have actually kept in touch with each other. That wasn’t meant to be a downer statement – I’ve always been a “few friends” person, not a “throng of friends” person. I just think that the “throng of friends” people are better at planning get togethers. Also, they’re less likely to forget people that should be invited. So, yeah.

Last week, I finally brought my “ponytail” plant to work. has been chewing on it for the past two years, almost daily, regardless of where I put it. It must not taste fabulous, as he always hacks a leaf back up. Yech. But still, he continues to chew. The thing looked so sad. It is already flourishing here at work, even with the fluorescent lights. It will get watered more frequently, and has a friend (the bamboo plant).

Continued work on projects is planned for tonight, but I will try my hardest to take pictures, really. I certainly need to take pictures of my finished embroideries for Doll Quilt Swap 9. The deadline is coming up really, really fast, and I need to shake a leg (so no recreational crafting or sewing until it’s finished and in the mail).

In a surprise move, we stopped in at Best Buy while on an errand, and instead of looking at the latest releases (Blu-Ray, of course), we took what was supposed to be a quick detour into the Blu-Ray player section. was an early adopter, which means that he had a Blu-Ray player before lots of other people. But, that also means it was much older than everybody else’s. And super slow. Like “turn it on, go upstairs and make yourself a cup of coffee, go back downstairs and maybe it will be ready for you to put your disk in” slow. And we’d been looking on and off for quite some time for a new one. Well, we took one home yesterday! It was an out of box, and last year’s model (which means it’s missing built-in wi-fi, which we wouldn’t be using anyway), so it was about 1/2 the price of current models. Yay! It didn’t have any cables, or even a remote, but all those boxes of cables and cords that has meticulously organized came in handy. We hooked it all up, and it is a hundred times faster. Fabulous!

And now I am sitting here, waiting for others to get back to me so I can continue on with my projects. Unfortunately, I may be waiting for a while. I’ve finished up everything else. I can think of a few back burner things to do… maybe I’ll get on that. Or lunch. It’s a toss-up.