Remember how I wanted grey shoes?

Maybe you don’t. I didn’t. That is, until today, when I wore my pretty new grey sweater with my navy dress, and had to wear my black shoes. Not that big of a deal, but grey shoes sure would be nice. I have at least two grey sweaters, and two grey pairs of pants, and at least one skirt. That warrant’s grey shoes, right?

So, um... would these look OK on my larger feet? I mean, sure they're cute in size 5, but I'm a 9 1/2 these days. Can my canoe feet pull off the ruffle? (Source: Cassie by Kensie Girl in Gunmetal via

Grey shoes are not exactly easy to find. I don’t want silver, I want grey (I don’t need to bring sparkly attention to my feet). And I don’t like heels. And… well, I’m picky about shoes.

The only problem with the above, other than the ruffle dilemma, is that people say they run wide, and I have narrow-ish feet. Oh, and there’s the slight problem of them being out of stock in this size/color combo. No one seems to have them. But, put those things aside. Can I wear these, or are they too… [fill in the blank]?

3 Replies to “Remember how I wanted grey shoes?”

  1. too… cut low. Yes, that’s right, feel have cleavage. When your feet are longish and there is less shoe it shows more foot. Well, the reverse it true, too, where if you cover up too much of your foot it shows exactly how much foot you posses. Very cute, though; too bad no one would see that pink lining.

  2. But the ruffle? Can I pull off the ruffle? I’m not so worried about foot cleavage. I do have very long toes, but I’m going to let it be a non-issue in this case.

    So, if Zappos emails me that they’re in stock… ?

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