Do you like Chickadees?

I love them. Conveniently, they’re one of the species that frequent our yard.

If you remember, I requested a bird feeder for my birthday. gave me a hummingbird feeder, which we hung in the Hawthorn tree by the deck (aka my favorite tree). Though visits were infrequent for a while, it seems they’ve now found it.

Whoa! Thirsty! (I've also seen the bees hanging around - I wonder if they can feed off of this too.)

gave me bird seed for my birthday, so in early July and I picked out this beauty.

Our first location choice was not popular, but when we moved it to this corner, we became the hot spot in the neighborhood.

It’s weighted, so it’s squirrel-proof, but the squirrels will happily sit on the deck below and scavenge what the birds drop. Win-win situation.

We have two bird species that hang out in our trees (and lilac bushes) – Chickadees and some basic brown bird that’s about the same size as the Chickadee (I’m not a bird watcher, per se). Both seem a bit nervous still, but they’re getting bolder as time goes on. (The above picture is from Sunday – by Tuesday the feed was down another inch or two.)

I managed to snap these the other day. I sat very still on the deck (which looks like this right now) while waiting for to return from Home Depot. As long as you don’t move, they’ll get pretty close. Unfortunately, they can see us moving inside the house, so it’s hard to get a good glimpse of them.

They move so fast! It's hard to get a good picture - by the time the camera had shown me the image I'd taken and switched back to photo mode, the bird was always gone.

Well, that's a bit better.

Profile shot (if you didn't know what Chickadees looked like before, you certainly do now).

The best shot.

I hope these pictures brightened your day! More on how I spent my vacation later….

4 Replies to “Do you like Chickadees?”

  1. The chickadees have found my finch feeder this year, so I get an abundance of both. I also get a few hummingbirds – they like my butterfly bush and Rose of Sharon trees. My regular feeder attracts a lot of blue jays and cardinals and one or two very hungry (and fat) chipmunks. I wonder if a weighted feeder like yours would work for the chipmunks…

  2. My weighted bird feeder still let the squirrels hang from the top and reach into the food so I got a large Plexiglas dome that perches at the top. They can’t hang off the dome and reach the food without falling off! I don’t mind feeding squirrels a bit but they like to empty the feeder in one hour. Beautiful pictures, Kelly, as always.

  3. You can’t really tell from the photos, but this hangs down pretty far from the overhang. It’s pretty far back from the corner, too, and the light is in the way, so I think it’s a pretty squirrel-proof location. Plus, the squirrels seem to be happy scavenging what gets dropped.

    I assume that a weighted feeder would work for chipmunks. This one is adjustable – you can set the tension to allow heavier or lighter birds to feed, so I’m guessing if you set it pretty light, the chipmunks would trigger the mechanism and wouldn’t be able to feed.

    Here’s a link to the one we bought at Home Depot – the reviews tell a lot about its effectiveness to combat squirrels.

    Prince Charming said he saw a bright red bird in the yard over the weekend, and a Blue Jay too. They haven’t visited the feeder yet (that we’ve seen), but word is getting around… the feeder will need to be refilled tonight. 🙂

  4. The bright red bird is probably a male cardinal as they hang around all year. You should enjoy them during our white winter months, too.

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