Soon I will be well-rested

After class gets out tonight, I am on vacation! Four days off work plus two days of weekend plus no homework for at least a week and a half… I am quite happy.

Really, whatever will I do with myself?

I plan on sleeping. A lot. And cleaning. And reading. And watching TV while crafting/painting/something else.

We only had one CL pickup last night, but it was a big one: the queen size box spring. Very glad to have that out of the dining room (and that I no longer have to worry about tearing it up).

Made off well at the farmer’s market yesterday – carrots, two kinds of potatoes, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, patty pans, and cucumbers (the latter were under duress – it was 3 for $5, three containers, that is, and it was either that or more patty pans). Once home, everything got cleaned or at least dried (it was raining while I was shopping), so hopefully we’ll use it. Our fridge is currently quite full of fresh veggies.

I also got my paper written and put the second (and final) coat of paint on the window in ‘s office. A few coats of Mod Podge Hard Coat (to protect against kitty scratches) on the bottom board and we’re all ready for trim. That is, once I get the trim poly-ed.

Tomorrow we’re having a cleaning day at work, and since I will not be there, I spent a good part of today cleaning my cube. It’s looking really good. I even got rid of the pile of boxes that someone else had insisted I keep (they were empty… and utterly pointless, and taking up valuable space in this tiny cube). The drawers are all clean, reorganized, and there’s lots of extra room. I’m all caught up on work (my inboxes are all empty), my out-of-office response has been set up in Outlook, and now I’m just waiting.

I may or may not pop in here between now and next Wednesday. If I don’t, I’ll try very hard to have something picturesque to share with you when I do come back. Until then…