Most Wanted

OK, OK, I finally took pictures for you. But, I must confess, I was in a rush this morning, so they are not fabulous. In fact, most of them were a bit blurry. Oops. Anyway, on with the story!

We have houseguests coming at the end of this month, and we decided it was finally time to bite the bullet and get a proper bed in there (we only had the crappy twin I used to sleep on – last time we had a couple stay with us they had to sleep on an air mattress on the floor). We’d kind of been planning on buying a bedroom set from the in-laws once they sold their house, but I don’t think it’s on the market anymore. At any rate, that wasn’t going to happen any time soon.

So, to Craigslist it was! What I needed was a queen frame, and then we could buy a mattress set at Ikea. Ideally, though, I’d find a headboard too, one we could use in our bedroom. I’ve been pining for a headboard since we got married. We both read in bed before going to sleep, and sitting up is so much more comfortable. (And the bed brought to our marriage can’t be placed close enough to the wall to use it as a de facto headboard.)

Well, what I found was even better! I found a whole bed frame, with mattress (it’s for the guest bedroom – the ishyness of a used mattress is irrelevant), that we both liked! When I emailed the guy, it was already taken, but then he contacted me (and about 40 other people, apparently) a week later. We jumped on it (seriously, like 10 minutes after he emailed, we’d made arrangements to pick it up that night), and are quite happy.

Did you say sleigh? I think you did!

So, the old frame went down to the guest bedroom, along with the used mattress (the box spring, however, did not fit down the stairs, and so up on Craigslist it went – we’ll get a slatted base instead), and the new frame moved into the master bedroom.

Ooh la la!

It’s actually very similar to the old bed, just with a headboard. We got it all set up Friday night, and reading in bed has been so very pleasant ever since!

It’s a work in progress. Pretend the bedding matches.

, did you notice? I fixed the window treatments! No more sagging!

The windows treatments were made with leftover fabric from the sheers – it’s blue. It blocks out some light, and enough visibility so the neighbors (whose house looks down on ours) can’t see in. One of these days I’ll finish the patio door curtains, and show those off too.

We also got a matching night stand (the one on the left), a lamp (not pictured – it needs some modification), and a mirror (in the garage – going to Goodwill).

Did you notice this? It’s finished! Really and truly, hardware and all. The Mod Podge hard coat has even cured the required 30 days. I know, you’re impressed.

Obviously we’re going for an eclectic look, a very unrepentant his-hers dynamic. I finally finished my nightstand (started… three years ago). Isn’t it lovely? The top (you can see it a little better in the picture below) is painted blue – it matches the curtains. You’ll have to trust me when I say these colors match better in real life than they do in this picture. Orange does not photograph well.  I bought enough hardware for the dressers, too, which coordinate nicely with the drapery hardware.

My new lamp matches the drapery finials.

I got the lamp from Target (online, via – it shipped in one day! It came with a different lampshade, but we went to Target and found new ones (‘s new lamp also needed a different shade). The white is much better (more light) than the burlappy one that was included, which replaced the dented shade on the lamp in my office. Also, this shade matches the Ikea lamps in the room (which are brushed nickel, not black – can’t match it all up).

Great find, right? We’re still working on getting rid of the stuff we’ve got posted, but tentatively most of it should be gone by Thursday evening. I’m already on the second requester for some items – you snooze, you lose. I don’t want it in my house, so come take it away quickly please. (Yes, I’m talking to you, person who said they’d come get my unwatched duplicate copy of Monk Season 7 – twenty other people wanted it, and would have picked it up by now. Bummer for you.) The lamps were picked up yesterday, and I am so happy. Perhaps you don’t remember how ugly they are. As a bonus, the space doesn’t even look empty without them there, just… better.

I’ve taken the end of this week off, plus the beginning of next (Thursday through Tuesday), as a mini vacation between semesters. No, I’m not going anywhere. And, I not sure the weather will cooperate enough for me to make good progress on the projects scheduled (poly on the trim for ‘s office, staining the bookshelves for the living room), but if nothing else I should be well rested come next Wednesday. Hopefully there will be a few things photo-worthy to come out of it.

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  1. Worth the wait! It looks just perfect in your space and I’m proud of all your gifting to others. At our garage sale I told my co-workers we were aiming to make others happy with their ridiculously cheap findings, not make a bunch of money for ourselves. It looks like when we step back and let God handle these things we get more than we can imagine. Buyers were happy and we did get rich!

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