(That was the sound this weekend made as it flew by.)

Oh my. Craiglist has been wonderful to us, but our weekend sure was a bit crazy because of it. Thursday night, as mentioned previously, we posted the car for sale, and simultaneously had an adventure purchasing a fab find (which I still don’t have a photo of, but with good reason). So Friday night someone came to look at the car, and that was pretty much it for the evening, Kind of slow.

Saturday morning we got up and drove out to BMI (which if you’re in need of building materials, is a fabulous place to go) after picking up stain at  Woodcraft and foam brushes at Michaels. I think there was a phone call or two about the car too (I was not responsible for this, so I’m not sure). had gone over on Wednesday night to look at what they had, since it’s the only evening they’re open, and purchased what he wanted for his office remodel. However, the 10 pieces of 10′ trim was not going to make it home in the BMW. Strapped securely to the top of the Rav4, however, it came home with nary a scratch.

After lunch, a guy came over to look at the car, and bought it! We ran to the bank with the check before it closed (he was a retired sheriff, so we weren’t really worried, but still). He came over on Sunday with his wife and they drove it away. Forever! Gone! No more!

Then we got the trim-staining project all set up… in the master bedroom, of course. It’s the only room that’s big enough, has hard floors, and a door that closes to keep the kitties out. So, imagine a large black tarp covering half of the bedroom floor… and that’s why you don’t have a picture of our fab find. We got all the trim stained in about 2 hours (I’ll be doing poly this weekend if the weather cooperates), and then I did some homework for a while. Dinner, homework, blah blah blah.

Sunday,we ran some errands, which included buying more trim at Home Depot (a different width), and some stuff for the guest bedroom at Ikea (we have house guests at the end of this month). We had somehow ended up with an extra queen size box spring (that would not fit down the basement stairs), and also needed to get rid of my old twin bed that was in the guest bedroom down there. So, we posted those both for free and had takers right away.

Then the real craziness began, because we decided to finally post all the other stuff we had laying around the house – all free. We’d been keeping a list, and were just waiting for a time when we knew we’d be home to deal with it all. 12 postings in all (at some point CL insisted that I have an account, because I was posting too much stuff, and then even after that it got upset that we were posting things too quickly). 60+ emails later… 🙂 There was a lot of interest in some things, surprisingly, like the bike my father-in-law bought for me (for $4) when I still lived in St Paul. The panini press was hot too, as were the super ugly lamps (still getting emails about those…). My poor phone – had to turn off the vibrate function so I didn’t wear its battery out (since it usually buzzes every time I get an email).

While we waited for people to pick things up (we gave a few people until 6, and the rest are coming tonight or tomorrow night), we stained the rest of the trim. And I did some research for my final paper. And picked two more cucumbers from the garden.

We went out for dinner – ribs! – at Famous Dave’s. They were pretty good. Not high quality, but not mediocre. Plus, I had leftovers for lunch today.

Tonight, hopefully, most of the rest of the stuff will leave the house. And I will get my paper written. And we will clean up the mess in the bedroom. And then I will have a picture to share with you tomorrow. I think I should be able to accomplish at least 75% of that.

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  1. Okay, I’m dying of curiosity and can’t wait to see the photo of what you bought. A Murphy bed? That’s my most creative guess.

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