Last night did not go at all like I thought it would. Yesterday morning, I had absolutely no plans. After lunch, I decided to finally schedule a massage, and they got me in at 8:30. Get home from work, do the dinner thing, and now it’s 6:00. I asked what he was going to do for the evening (potentially go for a run); I figured I’d play around with my sewing machine for a while. But then we decided to get the Focus finally posted on Craigslist. While was out taking pictures, I got an email from someone on Craiglist for something we’d asked about a week ago. It seemed that, as it often goes on Craigslist, the intended buyer never showed and so now the thing (you’ll have to wait until Monday to see it) was available. We jumped on it, for reasons I’ll explain later, and suddenly we were planning a trip to Lowertown (downtown St Paul) for 8. In the midst of trading emails to set this up, we got the Focus posted. So then got a phone call about that, and another one while we were downtown.

The plan was to both drive to go pick it up, since I would need to leave right away to go to my massage. Well, there was unexpected construction on 35E, and then there’s the huge construction project downtown (moving utilities for the light rail) that has several streets closed, and there was also a big music in the park deal going on right where we needed to be. Parking was difficult, and we were now late. We got a look, agreed it was what we wanted, and went back to get the cars (alleys and loading docks are awesome). Only by now it was 8:30 and I was, well, more than late. So we traded keys, and I hopped in ‘s car (because he needed the Rav4 to haul away our purchase), and called the massage place to tell them I was running late. 15 minutes late. They were very gracious about the whole thing, and I did end up getting there by 8:45. Can I tell you how frustrating it is to try to get from downtown St Paul to Eagan via 35E when you’re running late? Especially when there are extra patrols out for the crackdown on distracted drivers? The speed limit is 45 until you’re out of the city, then 55 until you hit Eagan. So, there’s less than a mile of 70 mph before my exit. It seems so very slow to be going on a highway (though understandable during rush hour).

The massage was eh, and I scheduled another one for next week while I’m on “vacation.” (I have 6 massages saved up, which equals one every two weeks for the next 6 months, since one per month will be added… if that makes sense. Might as well use them, right?) I was having a really weird muscle thing in the middle of my back that wrapped around to my chest, and the massage didn’t seem to do anything for it, though it did verify that it was a muscle thing and not, say, a heart attack or sudden onset cancer. But, when I woke up this morning, I was feeling much better, so it must have actually worked. Or I slept it off. Whatever. I’m still not 100%, but I can take deep breaths again. That’s nice.

I didn’t get home until 10, and then we had some unloading of the Rav4 to do, and… well, that’s just not the evening I thought we were going to have. But, it was a good evening (minus the hurrying around). We made a major Craigslist score, had 2 bites on the car (4 now), and massages are almost always good (even when eh, they’re still better than not getting one – it’s when they’re ew that it’s bad).

So, we’ve totally been rocking Craigslist lately, which is cool. We’re collecting a bunch of items that we’ll be posting for free (please, please, come take our crap!) when we get around to it, so hopefully our mojo will keep doing its thing.

Digging is planned for this weekend, as well as writing the final paper for my summer class. I’ll try to continue powering on through the unfinished projects in my office in-between all that. Oh, and we’re going out for ribs on Sunday. Any suggestions as to where we could get good ribs in the Twin Cities? We’d probably be willing to do a bit of driving (not, say, an hour, but something reasonable).