Promises, schromrishes

Didn’t I promise you pictures of pretty fabric on Monday? Yeah, I knew when I wrote that it was bad news, but I thought maybe, just maybe, it would motivate me. Alas, the project I chose to work on (the benefit of having finished my homework over the weekend)… not so much pretty. Good, but not what you would consider pretty (unless you really like hot pink jersey).

As for the photos, well, I did the best I could, considering it was late and I was using the timer to take them of myself. There are shadows in everything, but at least I didn’t use the flash!

I'm not so much a hot-pink girl, but I think this works. I feel a bit of freezer-paper stencil embellishment coming on.

I used Simplicity 6902, which is a vintage pattern from 1975. I liked that it was basic, and only required a yard of fabric (I had three such selections of fabric, and its harder than you might think to find adult-sized clothing that only takes a yard of knits).

I traced the pattern pieces (for views 1 & 3) onto my Swedish Tracing Paper, since the whole thing was uncut and in excellent condition (like, barely breathed upon condition). Then I pulled out my favorite t-shirt and lengthened the pieces accordingly. I traced the 10 instead of the 12 because when I held up the shirt I liked to the pieces, they seemed much bigger, and I’m not so much into baggy t-shirts.

Oops, is that my belly showing? Sorry.

As you can see, once it became time to hem this one, I decided to crop it up anyway, and probably a bit too much. That’s OK, though, because part-way through hemming I realized that this was going to have to be a sleep shirt and not a for-public shirt anyway (my machine was being really weird with that bottom hem, and the stitches are a bit wonky; also, I had a hard time hemming the sleeves because I didn’t follow the directions). It was, after all, essentially my muslin to test out the pattern, so it’s all good.

On this shirt, I learned how to do a proper neckline on a knit shirt, which was awesome. I think I’d do it a bit thicker next time, but that’s a small detail. Also, I love these sleeves (imagine them not so baggy). The whole thing went together in a much different order than I’m used to – shoulders, neckline, sleeves, sides, hem – but that really worked and made it easy. Including tracing, cutting, sewing, and hemming, this took me about 3 hours. I think I could get that down a great deal, especially if I decided to do some assembly-line sewing.

I plan on making view 3 (with the puffy sleeves) out of a green tissue knit that is just like the pink here. That might go poorly, since I have mixed feelings on puffy sleeves, but I’m willing to give it a chance. As a side note, I adore this fabric! It’s very lightweight and cozy and yet isn’t see-through (like most tissue knits – isn’t that what they’re called? I’m trying to remember from a few years back when they were all the rage). I might have to see if I can get some more.

On Monday, I mentioned that I spent some time cleaning my office over the weekend. I have some pics to share – be forewarned, though, because I took these late at night, so some are a bit fuzzy. Also, cleaned might not be the right word. Organized is more appropriate. The last picture, for you OCD-types, might make you a bit twitchy. My apologies.

This is only slightly better than what I used to be doing with all the jewelry I've made recently (in which all of the pieces were sitting on that smaller plate in no particular order). I found the statue at JoAnn's on clearance and thought she went well with my other white accessories.

The necklace-earring sets I've made. There are 6 there, if you care to try and find them.

I finally hung my embroideries up on the wall!

OK, so you didn’t see the before, but the above picture is a huge improvement. Trust me.

Now, breathe deeply, and I’ll show you the organized version of my sewing table.

This is what you call organized?

If you click on the photo, I’ve outlined all the details, but basically those two stacks in the middle there (actually 4 stacks, since they’re two deep) are projects that are either partially started or ones where I’ve managed to match fabric with a pattern (and for the latter, only the matched-up ones that are vaguely summery – I stored the wintery ones in the cabinet). Also, there used to be another box down there underneath, and that’s now gone. And I dusted. And the box in the bottom right-hand corner is stuff to post on Etsy, Craigslist, or toss in the Goodwill pile. You can kind of see the new rug – my office chair doesn’t like it, and especially doesn’t like rolling half on the hardwood floor, half on the rug, so… it might not be staying. I did like having something there, though.

I think I’ll knock out two more shirts (using the above pattern) this weekend, and then I can dig into one of the already-started projects that I found in that box (which may or may not be salvageable – I am a bit bigger than I used to be, especially in the hip area).

In keeping with the spirit of my earlier promise, most of those fabrics up there are very pretty. They’re just not terribly visible.