In which I will enumerate the reasons why I am so tired (and deserve a nap)

  1. Finished my homework – the final 4 chapters of the Lemon Tree, as well as the handouts.
  2. Dismantled the deck on Sunday evening (we had to wait for the sun to go down). Submitted request to 811 for them to come mark up our yard so we can begin digging.
  3. irrigation_deck_dismantle
    You don't really need a whole deck. Whole decks are overrated. You can totally get by with just half a deck. I promise.

  4. Climbed up on the roof on Sunday afternoon to cut tree branches that were hanging too low. The process of getting myself from the roof back onto the ladder took at least 6 months off my life. I may have gained a grey hair. I swear I’m not afraid of heights. Just… falling. We cut up all the branches and they filled two yard waste bags, which isn’t bad. This is only from what we could reach from the roof (there’s more to be trimmed, but we need the A-frame for that, not the new extension ladder).
  5. Repaired the creaking noise our bed made any time someone rolled over or breathed wrong.
  6. Cleaned and organized my sewing room. This included opening the box of “sewing projects” that contained unfinished clothing items of various age (the box hadn’t been opened since we moved, so the newest items could be 14-15 months old). Emptied the box. Several items were placed on the “to do” stack, and several were dismantled for scrap. Some were so bad that they were tossed in their entirety (I made sure to remove my good pins first). The box is now empty – yay! Got a new rug for the floor.
  7. Bought a car on Saturday.
I don't think the carrots are going to survive. They're somewhere in there underneath the giant cucumber plant that's threatening to take over the world.

And the squash? They have their own world domination plan.

Wait… what?

Hello, beauty!

Saturday we went out to shop for Rav4s. Remember last week when I said I knew exactly what I want? Well, Saturday we went off in search – just looking, of course. There was no rush, as the Focus is running fine. The first dealership didn’t have anything in the right color (they only had 6 Rav4s, and the closest to acceptable was Everglade Metallic, which is basically seafoam green, and not what I was looking for). We stopped to refuel, and then continued on to the next dealership. There aren’t really that many Toyota dealers in the Twin Cities area, so we ended up about an hour from our house.

They didn’t really have what I wanted either, since only two had 4WD (the color choices there were red or Super White – seriously, it’s called that). But, the salesman thought he had something else, and went to go see. He drove up in a 2008 (with 4WD, in silver) and we went for a test drive. Just like my other test drives of Rav4s, it was splendid, and just what I wanted.

Do you know how much cargo capacity we now have? It's ridiculous! I'll have to take better pictures to brag about it, because really, it was almost drool-worthy the first time we saw it (especially after compared to the Honda CR-V).

haggled like a mad man (OK, he was actually quite calm, but completely willing to walk away from the fabulous deal we were offered), and it took an hour to convince them to knock the price down. Then another half hour of waiting for the finance people, and we were set to drive home!

That was quite draining. The finance person asked us how long we were planning on keeping the car. I said, “I don’t want to have to go car shopping for a really long time.” And truthfully, I really don’t. That was one of the deciding factors in which year models I was looking at (because while the 2003s are perfectly lovely, and owning a car with 100,000+ miles on it is no big deal to me after all the other ones I’ve driven, it would mean that I would have to go car shopping sooner than, say, a 2006 or 2007). We left the house at 11 and didn’t return until almost 5.

Fleet vehicle. 10,000 miles on it! It's practically new. In fact, it still smells new, and it was sold as a new car (financing-wise).

Complaints about the process aside, I couldn’t be happier. After extending our insurance policy to cover the Rav, we took it on its inaugural trip (excluding the drive home from the dealership)… to Home Depot. Because if we’re going to spend money somewhere, it’s a 50% chance that it’ll be at Home Depot. This is the life of a homeowner. Plus, we wanted to use the storage capacity of the Rav. We bought the extension ladder we’ve needed for a long time and strapped it to the top – that’s what those bars are there for, let’s use them! It was very exciting.

Welcome home!

I don’t know if I’ve ever been so happy about a car. I still don’t know half of the things it does ( found the aux port, hiding in the center arm rest), but I’ve got the book to figure it all out (yes, I plan on reading the book – don’t you? I’ve never owned a car this new – who knows, it might have a “flight” button or “microwave popcorn” feature). Almost everyone who buys a Rav4 loves it, so I have a feeling I’ll be happy with this car for a loooong time.

Incidentally, it has to live outside for a while because 1) I have projects all over my side of the garage, and 2) it doesn’t actually fit in the garage yet. The ramp (from the previous owner) will have to be shaved down. The Rav is only 6 inches wider than the Focus, but I killed the passenger-side mirror on that at least twice.

[Edited to add: oh, we got it for several thousand less than retail. Thank you, Kelley Blue Book, for clarifying just how awesome of a deal we got.]

We now return you to your regular blog, in which I don’t talk about cars. I promise pictures of pretty fabric tomorrow.

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  1. It’s so shiny and new! Buying a car and bringing it home is a little like getting a new pet. You can peak at it and say “Now isn’t that just cute?” in your driveway and then you get to take it on trips with you!

  2. Ooohhh. Love the new car! I vote you role the windows down & take your well deserved nap in there!

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