How do you feel about matching?

People have strong feelings about matching. If I understand things correctly, coordinating and symmetry are good, but matchy-matchy is bad. So, let’s call this new jewelry “coordinating.”

I made up this necklace/earring set Tuesday night, with the intent of wearing it with the pictured shirt on Wednesday. I’ve made quite a few necklaces, which is odd since I don’t really wear them much. I think one of the problems is that lots of necklaces are the wrong length for button-front shirts. I made this one as adjustable as possible, so while it’s short enough to wear with a button-front shirt, it could also be worn with a smooth-front shirt. Anyway… Perhaps not the most efficient way (time and energy-wise) to make jewelry, but it got the job done (and wasn’t hard to find the next morning, since I’d set the set aside, along with the shirt).

I have had this set of leaf pendants for a really long time. Years. Finally figured out a use for them. The chain and flowers were purchased over the weekend.

The colors are most accurate in this picture. They really do match the shirt (which is a bit awkward in coloring), I swear.

Macro mode!

I’m actually quite proud of those last two shots, considering I took them myself while wearing said jewelry, using the mirror in the bathroom to check the view.

The only problem I had was that the flowers, which are on a separate chain that dangles behind the leaf pendant, often moved around and were out of place – to the side of the pendant, in front of it…. I couldn’t hang them directly from the pendant, however, because there was no room for that. I’m wondering now if I can figure out a way to slightly affix the chain to the pendant in some way that is not visible. I’ll have to look into it.

This was the first time I’ve made any jewelry since… early June, I think. I had moved my supplies up to my office (instead of in the family room by the TV) because we had a house guest, and they never moved back downstairs. I thought about it several times, but there’s an embroidery project that I should be working on instead, because there’s a deadline, so I didn’t let myself play with beads. I made an exception this once.