Friday Fill-Ins

I missed out on FF last week because I was keeping my giveaway open. Bummer. But, I’m back!

  1. I feel pretty, oh so pretty, I feel pretty and witty, and gay~~~~. (This song gets stuck in my head easily. Maybe I can share it with you.)
  2. I don’t like to play to catch up.
  3. Do finish your memes before you hit publish. Duh.
  4. I am completely unique.
  5. It’s hard to know how much is too much sometimes.
  6. [I got nothin’] follows suit.
  7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to doing homework (maybe finishing the book I’m reading for class, which is really good), tomorrow my plans include car shopping (I finally know exactly* what I want!) and Sunday, I want to (I don’t know! I haven’t planned this far ahead yet)!

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*I can now confidently say, “I want this make and model, these years are acceptable, this transmission, 4WD**, and these specific colors, please.” It feels really good to make a decision like that. That is, for someone like me, who often has trouble deciding what to have for lunch or what to watch on TV. Big decisions are sometimes easier, because there’s a lot more research you can do, and they naturally take a bit more time anyway. We started looking in early June, so it hasn’t been too long. (By “started looking,” I mean “we went to two dealerships on a rainy Saturday afternoon and haven’t been back since and have been ignoring phone calls from the nice salesman who’s just trying to do his job well.”)

**It’s not really 4WD. It’s 2WD, and it switches over to 4WD when things get dicey, like driving  on icy Minnesota roads in September December. Just thought I’d clear that up. It is in no way an off-road vehicle or anything really requiring 4WD (don’t really see myself off-roading anyway).