Not blogging is hard

I was trying to keep the giveaway front and center last week, so I didn’t blog on Thursday and Friday. I had tons to say, but I don’t remember any of it. Bummer. I did take some pictures, though. Very random….

Being a quilter (I can call myself that, right? I mean, I quilt - not exclusively or extensively, but I do quilt) means that sometimes, you see quilts in the most unlikely places. Do you see them? This is the stair railing at Metro. (Taken with my iPhone.)

I did have some sewing success recently, and this is one example. I think I mentioned this top before (I made two), but this is the other print. A major success - both times I wore the shirt, I got compliments, but no one asked me if I made it. Wow!

I've made some progress on the embroidery for DQS9 - not as much as I'd like, but some. I've had to take creative license with these guys, since the color palette of the fabric is a bit limited (red, orange, purple, green), so the water is purple, and I'm sure there will be other strange things that happen (what color am I going to stitch the lighthouse in?). I love their little hats and boots, though. They're getting red hair, btw. It's OK if there are a few more redheads in the world.

Lastly, some pictures I took with my iPhone while drove me home from class last week (we were a one-car family for a week while he had some work done on his car)….




I’ll tell you about my weekend (and a success story) tomorrow!