Three Thousand!

This marks my 3,000th blog post! Here is a screenshot to prove it:

That draft? That's this post. And those private ones? Those are ones I removed in the interest of keeping my job when I decided to put a link to this blog on Facebook. Not that I would ever say anything mean or negative about my job. Or anything else. Really. I am the paragon of cheer.

So to celebrate, I’m having a giveaway. (Some people have giveaways at 100, I apparently have them at 2,300 and 3,000.)


Well, that's a pretty butterfly. It looks kind of familiar....

I made this up last July – I tested the pattern for Robert Kaufman Fabrics, who provided everything I needed to complete it.


I like the pattern, but I am not a huge fan of batiks.

For the most part, it turned out lovely. There was one rather large error, but if I don’t point it out, maybe you won’t see it?


No mistakes here....


It's called "Butterfly Radiance" and you can order the pattern on the Robert Kaufman website.

However, seeing as how it doesn’t match any of our decor and I’m not too fond of the batiks, I’m giving it away! I’m also giving away a stack of batiks that are left over from this project. So, there will be two lucky winners (assuming that I get at least two comments)!


Here are the "scraps" for giveaway - many of them are quite large.


The top and bottom ones are particularly large pieces, and the white one and the one on top of it are pretty small.


Does this help sell the beauty of these batiks? (It's really hard to do when I'm not a fan, but I'm trying!)

So… leave me a comment here and I’ll randomly pick winners Friday, July 16th.

Comments are now closed. I will post the winners on Monday. Thanks for visiting!

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