What to share first?

I took a bunch of photos this morning before leaving for work, just for you!

I think I’ll start with pictures of the garden, since that changes every day.

Here's the full view as of this morning. (Please ignore the peeling paint on the side of the house. We know we need to paint. Badly. It's in the works.)

For reference, here’s where we were on June 16th, the last time I photographed it.

The cucumbers are out of control! They're taking over the carrots and lettuce! I need to get these trellissed ASAP (we're doing it Thursday night).

The beans (I think) have little feelers out so they can climb, and buds!

The tomato plant is over a foot tall now! I know it's so much smaller than last year's, since I started from seed instead of a plant, but I'm quite proud of the progress made so far (as if I had anything to do with the growth - I didn't make the water or sun or dirt).

Do you see how big the squash are getting? It's crazy! For perspective, those leaves in the top left corner are from the prolific daylilies we have.

The squash want to climb, too!

Prince Charming's Lambs Ear is so happy, it's flowering! (And a bit overgrown, but we'll forgive it.)

Prince Charming gave me a hummingbird feeder for my birthday, and we hung it up over the weekend. Isn't it pretty? Now to get the hummingbirds to notice it... (I have a book. I just have to find the time to read it.)

I took some other seemingly random photos of the garden, but they really did have a purpose. You see, we literally had a 7′ tall, 1″ diameter tree growing out of one of the lilac bushes. I had cut it down to the ground last year, probably around this time, so it grew 7 feet in 12 months! Crazy! asked me to send him a leaf so he could identify it, so I dug around in the yard waste bin this morning before work (it’s trash pick-up day) and found one. Then I took some pictures of the tree we have that’s growing out of the fence (also cut down last year, also not giving up on life) so he could help out with that one. This is what happens when you don’t weed often enough (I blame the former owner and the year the house was vacant).

There’s still significant pruning and weeding to be done before I can show off our yard this year, but we’ve made major progress.

Don’t worry, I saved some pics for tomorrow. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Hey – you can cook bean leaves and squash/pumpkin leaves. I learned how in Malawi. The squash/pumpkin leaves have to be de-veined and washed carefully. Don’t let the furry texture freak you out, they’re good!

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