Ideal versus Reality

I can think of lots of ideal ways to spend the hours from 5-10 tonight:

  • Laying in my hammock, reading a book, glass of wine on hand
  • Completing the summer dress I started on Sunday
  • Working on my embroidered pieces for DQS9
  • Eating a King Size Kit Kat bar, piece by piece (OK, probably wouldn’t take 5 hours, but I could definitely stretch it out for a while)
  • Finishing up the weeding / thinning out the lettuce in my garden and building trellises for the climbing veggies
  • Anything involving ice cream

And those are just the realistic ones, the things I have easy access to. I didn’t even mention beaches and oceans or foreign cities or fancy restaurants.

Ooh, a fireworks display from the riverfront seating of a cafe in Paris! OK, now I must be hallucinating.

Instead, I will be sitting at my computer, headphones on (thank you, White Noise App!), writing a paper.


On the bright side, I think it’s going to be about 90* with 90%+ humidity, so I suppose laying in the hammock or gardening wouldn’t really be enjoyable.

Ooh, ahh, oh!

It’s only kind of my own fault that I waited so long to get this paper done (it’s due tomorrow at 6). OK, entirely my fault. We’ve had two weeks, and it’s an easy paper. I just haven’t been interested in doing it, or, rather, there’ve been so many other things I’ve been more interested in.

It was so humid on Sunday that my cotton candy "melted" while I was eating it. Gross thought, but not so gross that I couldn't eat all of it. Yes, all of it. All for me.

I know it was a long weekend, and you’d think I would have had the time to write a simple 5 page paper. But, you see, Saturday I went to JoAnn (to buy fabric and a pattern for the afore-mentioned dress), which always takes longer than I think it will. And we went to the mall to buy clothes, because there were serious gaps in my wardrobe. Later that evening I cut out the new dress. And we spent some time on Sunday doing yard work and cleaning the house, and I worked on re-reading the book for the paper (see, I did do homework!). I had a wicked headache, and worked on my new dress while waiting for the Advil to kick in. came over after dinner and we went to watch the fireworks.


And Monday, well, what can I say. I finished re-reading the book. Then we went over to ‘s for the rest of the day. I was hoping to get home by 8 or 8:30, so I could re-read the articles, but that didn’t happen. So, is going to make dinner tonight so that I can maximize the time I have, and will hopefully be done before 10. I get grumpy when I don’t get my sleep.

This one makes me think of sci-fi. Aliens perhaps?

I totally have things I need to take pictures of to share with you, but don’t hold your breath. My spare time will be consumed by class for the next two days, and Friday is the earliest I could conceivably have something to share photo-wise. You’ll have to live with these pictures of the fireworks that I took with my iPhone. Yes, with my phone! I have many more, but it’s taking way too long to upload them on 3G, so it’ll have to wait until I connect my phone up to the computer.

Hope your weekend was as lovely (and homework-free) as mine!

Edited to add: There’s a video of the fireworks finale posted on YouTube! I’ve only watched it without sound, but it looks really good!