My goal for today is to not have someone ask me if I made my shirt myself. I’ll keep you updated.

I finished up two shirts that I started the day I dropped my machine off for service (2 1/2 weeks ago – that’s a pretty short turnaround time for me from start to completion).

Pardon the headless shot - I hadn't put on makeup or done my hair yet, and my photographer was leaving the house.

The fabric was $5.98/yard, and this shirt used one yard, so… two shirts for $12! Good deal! (I’m counting the pattern as free, since I bought it many years ago to make a Christmas shirt.)

A few notes on this project: I have made Vogue 2611 before, though last time I made the fluttery-sleeve version, and I didn’t make it with a jersey. I like it much better with jersey – it is fitted just enough and drapes well. I did have to take in the sides just a bit under the arms, but I’m assuming chestier women would not have this problem. The front drape part is supposed to be finished, but since this is a knit, I didn’t do anything (it won’t unravel in the wash). Because it drapes so much, and because I didn’t finish the edge, I have it tucked into my bra, which actually works well to protect my modesty (otherwise I’d have to clutch at the neckline every time I leaned over slightly).

The drape at the neck is quite low (though not the lowest cut version of this pattern), so that might be an issue for someone with significant cleavage (I have no idea, having never had that problem). The back neckline and arm holes are finished with single-fold bias tape, which makes a nice edge. I used my twin needle on the bottom hem so that it looks like a store-bought shirt. I made both shirts at the same time, hoping to minimize the time it would take (assembly-line and all). It basically took me two evenings to complete these, not including cutting out the fabric.

I’m kinda bummed that the long-sleeved versions are wrap-front instead of the drape – they take significantly more fabric (3 yards compared to 1), and I really like the drape (it creates the illusion of a bust, which I always appreciate).

I also made those pants, but that was nearly two years ago. You can tell that I’ve lost weight because the pants are way too baggy – I think I need to take them in at the waist a bit so they don’t look quite so silly (though in person they look better, especially with short heels). I’m thinking two darts at the front will work (there’s a side zipper, so I’d rather not take in the sides) – there are already darts on the back. I love, love, love these pants. The fabric was $2/yard, and they are so comfy!

Total outfit cost: $11.50.