“Kids” say the darndest things

I am very tired today – I took multiple naps over the weekend, so I’m not really sure what’s going on. At any rate, I’ll leave it up to other people to provide today’s entertainment.

Birthday cards flooded our mailbox last week, several with very humorous sentiments written inside. This first one was in a card from Grandma:

Thanks again for helping Alison with the brunch. You are quite a baker. Go Girl Go! You are so thin (do you eat your baked stuff?).

Next up, this one from one of my aunts, also reflecting on the family brunch:

It was also quite clear that Grant and see the two of you as their fav aunt and uncle!

I wasn’t the only one to get funny mail. got a thank you and passed this on to me:

Grandma’s comment – “I didn’t know Kelly could bake.”

Can’t beat family, can you? Love it.