How about a nap?

Admittedly, Friday night was a late one (and we were the first to leave the party! several people showed up as we were leaving), complete with multiple glasses of wine and champagne, and a fabulous dessert that took 12 hours to make. The wine was able to win a small victory over the large quantity of espresso powder in the dessert, and I slept in quite late on Saturday. I may have pulled myself out of bed by 10; I ate some breakfast, went downstairs, and within half an hour was back upstairs sleeping. I know, I know. Shameful.

Later that day, decided it was important that I know that while it may seem like my life is difficult, clearly his is more so.

An unmade bed is the comfiest, you know.

I tried to do some yard work, but I didn’t get very far. It was much too hot outside. I also slept in on Sunday. After doing some yard work (cleaning up all the branches dropped in the storms, pruning some bushes back too much, dead-heading the daylilies), I took a nap. Again, the cats felt the need to show me up.

Matea prefers the Poang in the bedroom,

while Korben again chooses an unmade bed (actually, it's partially made, in an attempt to curtail this behavior - clearly it didn't work).

I made progress on our bedroom curtains, though not enough to show you.

Instead, you get this cute picture of a chipmunk that Prince Charming took.

I also did some homework, played some piano, and didn’t vacuum like I should have. Oh well. I was seriously tired the entire weekend. And this morning was no better. Perhaps I should have stayed home – I really wasn’t worth that much here at work. I think it might be related to my allergies – is that possible? It’s either that or I’m dying. Whatever it is that I’m allergic to in the outside world (not my skin allergies, the other ones) is floating around in abundance right now. My phone app said the allergen index yesterday was 2.2 (on a 12 scale), but, as pointed out, that’s just a composite. It felt like at least 11 to me – I even started to get that itching inside my ears. No fun.

So, I didn't spend any time actually in my hammock over the weekend, but here it is all set up! We hung up my new hummingbird feeder just around the corner, on a low-hanging branch, so maybe I'll get to share some pictures of new visitors.

I did have a lovely extended birthday celebration, all the way into Sunday (we forgot to go get ice cream on Saturday, so we went to Coldstone on Sunday!). We had some major storms here over the weekend (including the one on Friday night that made a ton of people late for the party), so not only did I not get the rest of the weeding done, our yard is full of mushrooms. I should be happy that the plants are all thriving in all this water, though, right? The squash, cucumbers, lettuce, and peas are all doing quite well. The carrots are slow-growing, and the tomato plants are making progress (I did finally cull out one of the plants that was overcrowding the really healthy looking one). It’s almost time to start trellising some of the vinier ones.

I seem to be finally waking up – perhaps lunch will help. I’m kinda wishing I could re-introduce caffeine into my system (on a regular basis, Friday night’s dessert notwithstanding). Instead, I’ll just remind myself how much I enjoy not itching and not wearing elbow braces frequently. And maybe I’ll take myself for a walk.