Two Too Much

There’s too much hate in this world. Just sayin’. I am not exempt to this. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all just take it down a notch?

Also, I finally remembered to Google “what’s wrong with my oak tree?” and actually found the answer! We actually have a fungi infections, but it is not damaging or treatable (at least not by the homeowner). They just make the tree look less pretty. (If you’re curious, we have Oak leaf blister. The important thing is that we don’t have Oak Wilt, which is bad, bad, bad.) The second weird thing with our tree? Apparently it’s flowering. That’s what that brown, mossy, falling in clumps stuff is. Weird. Not exactly the stuff bouquets are made out of.

Apparently getting little sleep makes me sensitive to sound. One might say “irritable.” Maybe that’s a “duh” statement, but I swear for the first half of the day every noise someone made brought me this much closer to snapping. Again, the White Noise app saved the day.

Last night, I was quite sure that I had lost the 4GB memory card for our camera. I thought I’d brought it to work, but tore apart my purse twice and couldn’t find it. Then I looked around the house, I retraced my steps this morning… nothing. Plus, we couldn’t find the 1GB card either. So, no picture-taking.

And then, this morning, while going through my purse for a third time, there it was. I swear someone was playing a joke on me, because I’d looked in that same spot at least half a dozen times. I’m quite glad that the dorky pictures I took of myself to commemorate my birthday aren’t roaming around there for someone else to mock. No, I will not share. You got enough dorky pictures yesterday.

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  1. I love your dorky pictures; I actually don’t think you are dorky, just ahead of your age. This will all even out in another 10-15 years. I promise.

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