[Editor’s note: I totally took a picture of myself this morning to share with y’all, and left the memory card at home. Bummer. So, I’ve included a photo montage of strange pictures of myself at ‘s wedding. Also, since I had so very many parenthetical thoughts, I’ve italicized them to help you keep the train of thought. You know, as much as possible. ๐Ÿ™‚ ]

Birthday wedding collage
Me, looking like a dork, just weeks ago.

I am 32 today. And, I think I’m OK with that. Let’s see… yes, yes, life is pretty good. I have more bad hair days than good, my skin finally cleared up, I’m the same weight I was at 22 (I weighed myself yesterday to see how much damage my uncontrolled love of Caramel Nut Clusters had done, and the answer was none – I’m totally wedding day weight still – high five!), I have a job and a husband and a house… I think there’s nothing to complain about.

My father-in-law gave me a gift certificate to a fancy seafood restaurant downtown, so that’s fun. doesn’t like seafood, so my consumption of it dropped dramatically upon marrying him (it’s OK, his consumption of spaghetti and Manwich dropped too). Fun to have a night out (plus, don’t good seafood places usually serve steak too? no one will starve). My mother-in-law made me a necklace, which I have not photographed, but it is lovely.

gave me a cutting board (a replacement for an earlier one that was warped by the dishwasher) and bird seed (in the hopes, or perhaps knowledge, that someone would be getting me a bird feeder).

gave me a hummingbird feeder (so exciting!), an iTunes app store gift card, and a pair of socks. Yesterday several birthday cards came in the mail. I’m feeling pretty good about myself. ๐Ÿ™‚ (I should totally share with you some of the comments in cards I’ve gotten lately, because they’re awe.some.)

We’re going out to dinner tonight (Don Pablos – I had a craving – there will be a margarita), then pulling up part of our deck, and I have a massage scheduled at 9 (they keep calling because I have 7 massages saved up, and getting one on my birthday sounded like a fabulous idea). We’re going over to ‘s for dinner and a party tomorrow night (celebrating ‘s birthday* as well as mine). The fun never stops. Oh, you don’t usually spend your birthday working on your deck? Bummer for you. As it is, we have a plumber coming out tomorrow to install a backflow preventer, so that we can make progress on our in-ground sprinkler system. We’re DIY-ing, and I’ll probably photo-document the whole thing and share it with you when we’re all done. At any rate, in order for the plumber to be able to do his job, we need to pull up some boards on the deck so he can get to the faucet. Since Monday and Tuesday night I spent writing a paper, and Wednesday night I had class, so this is the only time to do it.

Fine, you can have a nice picture of me.

Since there’s no time between now and then to get some Coldstone (with cake in it, of course), do you think I can pull off a “birthday visit” on Saturday?

This is the first "couple" picture we've taken since the wedding. I thought it was time to update.

* – you may or may not be getting a gift from me tomorrow. Things have been ordered, but I only one has arrived, and I got a shipping confirmation today, so I’m guessing that one won’t be here by tomorrow; no shipping info on the rest. Sorry! I was indecisive and didn’t order your gift until Monday.

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  1. Kelly – ha, no worries about the present. Your husband stole my gift idea for you (or part of it) so I have 24 hours to come up with something cooler. It was probably his revenge for me being 200 miles ahead of him in our first to 500 miles challenge.
    Happy Birthday!

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