Note: I upgraded my theme, and I think everything should remain the same (for you), but let me know if you see anything hinky. It makes me very nervous to upgrade (which is why I was upgrading from 3.4.6 to 3.5.1 – missed a few in there).

Confession – I have not been getting very good sleep this week. I am fully cognizant that parents of young children (or any children living at home, perhaps), quite frequently get poor sleep, so I try not to complain. I think I spent more time Sunday night awake than asleep, but then I hopped on Facebook and saw that my friend had been up all night with contractions, and I thought my complaint wasn’t really that big of a deal (she had her little girl yesterday morning!). And while Monday and Tuesday nights were better, I’d really like to get a solid chunk of sleep in one of these nights. Maybe an early birthday present from the sleep gods?

Last night, I did actually get my paper written, and it was printed out by 8:30! I think that it is a solid paper; not perfect, but I completed the assignment with grammatically correct English. It was a rough one, as I’ve said before, and last night I resorted to using the White Noise app on my iPhone (I think I downloaded it thinking I might get to use it at work), which I had not used yet. It worked quite well, and I listened to thunderstorms for 2 1/2 hours while I wrote. I may or may not have grumpily shooed out of the room so I could get started. 🙂 And… we’ll get the next paper assignment tonight. No rest, I tell ya.

Though I haven’t had a chance to sew anything lately, I have been dreaming up ideas for Doll Quilt Swap 9. It’s a secret swap, meaning that my partner has no idea who I am. As long as I don’t give too much away, I can post as many pictures and thoughts as I want.

These were my first two ideas, evidencing my amazing drawing skills. I'm a fan of the small one (which might be hard to envision from this sketch and my description), as I've never done fussy-cutting and think it would work well with my partner's requests.

I was looking for some possible images to embroider for those half-square triangles above when I came across these guys…

They're called brownies, and aren't they cute? Summery and playful? I had Prince Charming draw the sun for me, which you understand after witnessing my abilities above. The bottom right corner I'm keeping as a surprise.

The discussion on Flickr was strongly in favor of the brownies, so I think that’s the direction I’ll take. Now, to pick out fabrics that my partner will like…

I’m hoping to get a grant project wrapped up today at work. I have class tonight, so nothing too interesting going on – pretty much your average Wednesday over here.