Sing with me now: ~Memories, light the corners of my mind…~

brought me some goodies when she came over this weekend, and I thought I’d share.

Dad's sock monkey, just chillin' on the piano. Yes, that's my crewelwork that I finally framed there in the background.

Maybe you couldn't see this guy clearly. A train. A pony train. Of my name. Bet you don't have one of these. Bet you're totally jealous. (Yes, it needs a bit of work - some sanding or painting perhaps, but I think it's supercute.)

I think it's completely appropriate on top of the piano. Not that there was any doubt it belonged to anyone else. I didn't have anything else going on the top of the piano right now anyway (except for a bunch of nails sticking out of the wall behind it, left over from Christmas decorations - I really need to pull those out, because they're driving me crazy).

And, here’s a picture to justify why I don’t have any more content to share with you today:

This is how I spent my evening. Trying to turn these diagrams of that book into a paper. It didn't go well. (Correction: Two paragraphs, nearly one whole page, are written. It only has to be 5 pages long, so at this rate... ugh.)

Thankfully, the next section of class will not require diagrams or philosophical thought (we’re studying the New Deal).

Happy Tuesday!