Are donuts an acceptible substitute for cake? Discuss.

[Editor’s note: before I forget, it’s ‘s birthday today! Happy 29th!]

Going through Google Reader, I’ve come to the conclusion that my weekend did not have nearly enough cake in it. In fact, it had NO cake whatsoever. Granted, this is how I could describe 95% of my weekends, but still. I did, however, have some donuts that ‘s dad brought over, and they were tasty. Regardless, I think I will attempt to have some cake next weekend. (I’m leaning towards cake cake, not cupcakes. I know they’re the same, but they’re not. Who will help me eat a whole cake though?)

I spent a good portion of the weekend weeding, which is exactly as exciting as it sounds. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 6 hours. In that time, I got 90% of the south gardens (front and back) weeded. I didn’t even touch the north landscaped areas or the ones in front of the house. I had declared war on the weeds, however, and I think I won. I will continue fighting the battle by 1) finishing up the job, and 2) going back out next weekend to remove any stragglers that I missed this weekend. Since I had declared war on the weeds, volunteered to take my turn at mowing the lawn (genius on his part, really, since it means I didn’t ask him to help weed). By Sunday night, we were looking much more respectable.

I did pick up my sewing machine on Friday night, and it is absolutely perfectly clean. Not a speck of dust on it. But, if you remember last Friday’s excited post about getting it back and making up two shirts, you can laugh at me now. The machine made it into my office, but it’s not even plugged in yet. Well, I did have better and more important things to do.

It was a great weekend, despite all the chores and homework (I finally gave up and decided to re-read the book, and attempt to diagram the arguments, so that I can write my paper, which I’ll be doing tonight). I didn’t put on a speck of make-up or turn on my curling iron, so it was a very… informal weekend. I think the only time I left the house was on Saturday when we determined we didn’t have a marinade for dinner (and those 15 minutes at Cub barely qualify as “out of the house,” especially since I didn’t bother to put on a bra or fix my hair or switch out of my sandals).

came over Sunday night for a gift exchange. I had the other half of her wedding gift (a wall decal that reads, “All because two people fell in love”), and she had my birthday present (as well as a thank you for doing stuff for the wedding present, and a few of ‘s things she didn’t want anymore – pictures of those will appear later this week). We talked about nails and honeymoons, and had a lovely stir-fry (I can say that because I made it).

I only watched bits of the World Cup games, which were disappointing. And, it took us two evenings, but we watched Ponyo finally, which was supposed to be great, but we didn’t get it. Oh well.

And that’s about it. Pictures later in the week, because I didn’t have time to take them this morning, and it was already dark last night when I thought of it.