Silly things to be excited about

When I was doing the Friday Fill-Ins earlier, I really wanted to write that I was looking forward to picking up my sewing machine tonight, but I knew that was highly unlikely since I dropped it off last Friday and they told me two weeks. Strangely, I had a feeling that I would get it tonight, though I had no reason to think this and I’m not prone to premonitions.

But the shop called 15 minutes ago to let me know I can come pick it up tonight.

So, there you have it.

Last night I cut out two shirts (might as well get clothing prepped to be sewn even if I can’t actually do the sewing), and I was planning on cutting out a pair of capris tonight (I hadn’t thought past tonight, but I have quite a few things matched up that I could prep).  How exciting that I can sew up the shirts tonight (or sometime this weekend)! They’re very simple, just a front and back piece, so two side seams, shoulder seams, and some hemming. Plus, they’re knit, so no need to go to the extra work of French seams or anything complicated.

What else do I get excited about? Pretty blue cars (I really need to get over that – there are so many more important aspects of a car), chocolate, the new Starbucks Frappuccino that I can get in decaf (I can’t tell if they’re just not as good as they used to be, or if, since giving up caffeine nearly two years ago, my tastes have changed that much – they’re still tasty, but not as good as I remember them), jeans Friday, flip-flops, Dairy Queen Blizzards, watching my garden grow, fitting into my pants (perhaps in contradiction with some earlier mentions), my nephews, sunshine (it’s been a very rainy June), the cute animal pictures sends me during class each week, 3:45 pm (I’m off at 3:50)….

What silly things make you happy?