The wedding!

Photo overload! Finally, I have some pictures to share with you. took all of these, but I snagged them and edited them myself, so they’re not the official pictures (does that make sense?). But, I couldn’t wait any longer and wanted to share, so hopefully he won’t mind.

There wasn't a rehearsal dinner, so we ran through the ceremony before guests started showing up (and, obviously, before most of us decided to change into our dress clothes).

The boys didn't come super early with Alison, but they were still quite early, and spent some time hanging out.

And it seems I am not the only one who cannot stop taking pictures of them. Can you blame any of us? Sometimes I just want to eat them up!

Then, the main event, the reason we were there (and wearing uncomfortable shoes), was finally upon us. Here they are, exchanging rings.

Note: look at those heels! Every time I felt uncomfortable in mine, I looked at hers and told myself to stop complaining. It worked for most of the day.

And, here's the happy couple! A bit blurry, and quite cropped, but you can see the look on their faces, and it explains everything.

Me and the best man

Alison and the groomsman

There was a lovely reception in the church narthex (the area outside the sanctuary). I got to talk to my family - pictured here are Aunt Jane and Uncle Darrell and Uncle Ed. (I was introduced to the woman in the black top, I don't remember who she is - from the grooms' side definitely).

There was a lot of baby holding during the reception. OK, Joey's 15 months old. Is he really a baby? My arms were killing me when I finally put him down!

There is also a photo of me holding Grant as he eats a cupcake (the tables were super tall and there were no chairs), which everyone thought was quite brave of me, especially since pictures hadn't been taken yet. They didn't even know about the Easter cupcake incident. It all turned out fine - not a drop of frosting smooshed into my dry clean only dress. There is a picture of this, somewhere on a relative's camera.

There was a second reception for family only, a family dinner. The room we were in had a door to this nice little outside area, so some pictures were taken.

Us girls. (We debated about how we should hold our arms, and I think we could have chosen better. Oh well. We're all smiling and no one is blinking, so we'll call it a win.)

And then there was some goofing around. I think Mom was channeling her inner Alison for this one.

This was taken while we stood outside getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. I like this one because the look on my face is quite funny - why is it that I am always captured with disapproving looks? Perhaps I'm just pensive in this one, deep in thought about what Aunt Sue is saying.

Sunday, and I hosted a brunch for our family (there were 9 of us) at ‘s house.

The food got rave reviews. I have already received thank you cards from these two (Grandma and Aunt Jane), and the recipe for my cinnamon rolls has been requested. (It is posted here on the site, if you look around in the Recipes section, I believe.)

Grant and I spent some time in the play house playing "dinosaurs." This consisted mostly of tickling each other with his new toys (ah, the joy of being 3).

Congratulations! We are so happy for you both, and welcome Jim into the family with open arms.

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