To make up for the recent lack of pictures, I have two (2!) posts today that are chock full of pictures.

I managed to snag these just before I left for work this morning. (I drove, because I have class tonight, which gives me a little more leeway than the bus schedule permits.)

061610 garden progress
This is the new garden area this year, and it's where most of the action is. It's probably too small for all of this stuff, but we'll see what happens.

Lavender. It was at the farmer's market, and I couldn't resist. In the master picture above, it's in the bottom right corner.

Rosemary. Looks a lot like the lavender, doesn't it? This plant is right next to the deck, because supposedly rosemary deters mosquitoes, and I hope to landscape (gardenscape? plantscape?) the whole area with a variety of plants that will make mosquitoes flee.

Carrots. These are some of the oldest plants, since they were started indoors and transplanted. They're still not that big, but I can wait. I looove fresh-from-the-garden carrots.

I might not be a stellar photographer yet (judicious cropping and deleting of photos might lead you to believe otherwise), but check out the water droplets on the carrots above! If you go to the large version, you can actually see a reflection in them!

Tomatoes. I don't know why they're growing sideways. Perhaps towards the light? They are much smaller than the ones we had last year, because these were started from seed. Kinda cute with the furry stems.

On the bottom, there are two batches of lettuce, planted three weeks apart. At the top are the cucumber plants (which had a blossom last week!) and the tiny carrots. At the edge of the picture at the bottom, you can almost see the cilantro (left) and lavender (right). Ignore the grass - I didn't have any way to edge this garden.

I was relatively certain that that these were peas, until I did some research on the plants below, and now I'm not sure. They're either peppers, peas, or Brussels sprouts. I didn't leave myself a map when I seeded. In the end, it won't matter - it will be fairly obvious once they start to produce.

I really thought these were the Brussels sprouts (which I would have to thin out considerably), but when I looked at pictures of them at this stage of growth online, they look nothing like this. So, peas? Peppers? I looked at pictures of those, too, and they don't look like this. What did I plant? Or, is this a weed? Time will tell.

My squash patch is coming along nicely. I've lost one of the five varieties, and have no idea which one (again, no map), some come fall I may be very sad about what we're missing. There's always next year, and the chance that the missing ones are just slow starters. These were from seed, and only planted three weeks ago.

Close-up of one of the squash plants. Lovely furry stems.

Last year, Prince Charming planted some Lamb's Ear under the tree. It did well, obviously, and has grown significantly this year already.

For context, here’s a picture to show you how big they are.

And, the hydrangea is blooming! Neither blue nor pink (it's supposed to be blue if we got the soil acidic enough, or pink if we chose to go the other route - magic hydrangeas), so I'm not sure what to do.

I hope your gardens are growing as well as ours (or better)! It has rained the entire month of June so far (OK, 2 days of sun out of the first 15), which has helped the plants, but I think they need some sun now.