Rain, rain, don’t go away!

…because I really don’t want to spend my time weeding. 🙂  The rain has certainly helped all my veggie plants grow, but the weeds, they’re growing too. Apparently rain doesn’t discriminate.

Friday night I dropped my sewing machine off for a yearly maintenance check (it was free). Two weeks, she said, until it comes back. Two weeks? Gee I’m glad I did this now and not later in the… month (well, I had to do it before the 29th).  So definitely no sewing for a bit.

Saturday we went car shopping. It was not nearly as bad as it could have been, but I could think of better ways to spend a rainy afternoon. We did get it mostly decided what make/model I want to get; now we just have to find one that has the right amenities (as in, one that doesn’t have stuff I don’t want/need and therefore don’t want to pay for).

Afterward, since it was right next door, we went to Joe Senser’s for a late lunch. We showed up just as the Americans and Brits were being led out onto the field for their first World Cup game. So, we stood around for quite awhile before we could be seated, but that is to be expected at a sports bar. We had fabulous burgers to fill us up as we watched the first half (we watched the second half at home, and were probably the only people that left the restaurant for the 2+ hours the World Cup was airing).

We spent a lot of time over the weekend waiting for the humidity to drop so we could work on our painting projects. now has the grill all repainted, and will be reassembling it this week once the replacement parts arrive. I also have most of the painting of my nightstand done! Just one more coat on top (I think), and one more on the drawer. I was going to get the second coat done last night, but I kind of forgot in all the goings-on. Oh, it’s not like we were busy. I worked on my paper, we ate dinner, we ordered groceries, we went to Target… boring stuff. But, we are both sick, and chores + sick = forgetful. (You won’t find that on the SAT, but it’s true nonetheless.) So, tonight it is. A trip to PaperSource might happen tonight too, if I get myself together.

It’s one of those days where my job is not fun. I think that’s safe to say, even if I have friended a co-worker on Facebook and posted this blog in my profile. Everybody has days where their job isn’t fun. I kind of debated not coming in today, on account of feeling sick, but I didn’t really feel sick enough to justify it. Then once I got here and sat in front of my computer, I was regretting that decision. I could barely keep my eyes open the first hour I was here. Thankfully, I’ve woken up a bit, but I think the Theraflu has worn off and I need to take some more before I annoy my co-workers by constantly clearing my throat. (OK, to be fair, there’s a lot of throat-clearing that happens here, so nobody will notice mine. But I still feel bad about being the source of potentially annoying noise.)

When is sick, he isn’t hungry. At all. I get hungry when I’m sick, but I have sick mouth, and nothing ever seems like it will taste good. Do you get sick mouth? Blech. I felt better this morning than I had the previous two, so hopefully this will be out of my system soon.

June is “difficult shopping for loved ones” month. Not difficult people, just difficult to shop for. There’s a big difference. I am feeling uninspired, and that’s bad, since anything online needs to be ordered by tomorrow to be safe.

In case you were wondering what to get me for my birthday* (it’s next Thursday, you know), I would like a bird feeder. I’m telling everyone in the hopes that I’ll get several, or at least one. I wanted one last year and didn’t get one, so I’m crossing my fingers for this year. That and gardening gloves that fit my man-sized hands. has been nice enough to throw a party for and myself this year (our birthdays might just be an excuse to have a party, but I wouldn’t blame her for that). We’re having dinner together first – what wine goes well with Italian? All of them? That’s what I thought.

*OK, I don’t really expect or need any birthday presents. I could easily buy myself a bird feeder. But, it was something to talk about.

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  1. Could you be one of the difficult ones to shop for? Ha ha. I already have one of your presents. Plus a thank you for all the wedding help/support.

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