I have good reason to be seriously crabby today. Instead, I’m going to attempt to be happy, or at least personable. Let’s start with making a list of things I’m thankful for, and go from there.

… perfect weather for my walk from downtown to school yesterday.

… rain today. (My veggies need it! I’ve been ignoring them, but having dreams about their growth – it must be time to spend some time in the garden.)

… dental insurance (let’s be honest – without dental insurance, I certainly wouldn’t have scheduled my cavities to be filled without making sure I had the funds to cover it, and I probably wouldn’t be going to the dentist in the first place, which mean that by now, I’d have no teeth left. 🙂 )

… lists and schedules. They’re great for keeping me calm and semi-focused.

… Wendy’s Frostys. Yum!

… that there was not, in fact, a third cat in the house this morning, though it sounded like the two we have were trying to kill something. Apparently, it was each other. We will be discussing this later (don’t they know better than to wake me at 5 am?). I know it sounds more like a complaint, but really, when I turned the corner to the kitchen, I was fully expecting a wild animal, stranger, or… something else scary in the kitchen. I am quite glad that there wasn’t.

… that Father’s Day is next weekend, not this one. It sounds bad, but I totally thought I’d forgotten it, and between needing to mail a gift to , figuring out two gifts for Father’s Day for each of our dads, and then ‘s birthday is at the end of the month. Now we have a few more days to figure out gifts.

… remembering to take my sewing machine in for its free check-up before the year is up (somewhere around June 28th, I believe). Hopefully it won’t be gone for too long, but I have definitely used it enough to warrant some TLC, especially because…

… I got a spot in Doll Quilt Swap 9! Interest keeps getting bigger, so there were limitations put on the number of participants. It’s fun to make something for someone else (non-clothing), nice to finish a project (which I’m terrible at), and a good chance to be creative and stretch myself.

… bookmarks. I really like bookmarks. Both the computer and paper versions.

… rhubarb in our backyard. It gives friends an excuse to stop by. (Hey, someone has to harvest it, and it certainly isn’t us!)

… headphones. Aren’t they a glorious thing? Not only can I listen to the music I want to without burdening other people, but I can drown out annoying noises.

… that teacher’s get the summers “off.” I know it doesn’t really affect me now (other than being a bit more accessible), but on beautiful days when I’d rather be outside than stuck in a cubicle, I can hope and dream of the day when I, too, will have summers off.

… last weekend, I was only asked once when I was having babies, and even then, it wasn’t really asking, but a gentle hint (from Grandma, who else?). I was really counting on at least a dozen not-so-subtle hints or flat-out questions that I would have liked to answer “none of your business” but instead would have politely said, “not while I’m in school” and left it at that. I think everyone was too occupied with the boys, new grandkids, and grandkids on the way, to remember that I’m the only cousin without kids (not the last to get married, either – the two that got married after we did are both expecting in December).

… my three Contigo travel mugs. I often forget how awesome they are, because, like my sewing machine, they just work how they’re supposed to. Here’s the thing: they are completely, truly, absolutely water-tight. I throw one in my purse every morning and have never had even a drop spill, and I am not careful with it in the slightest. It is so much easier to toss it in my purse and forget about it, versus carrying it delicately in my hand, especially while riding the bus.

… all five senses working, and all my limbs etc functioning. We often take it for granted without realizing, until we’re face-to-face with someone who is missing one of those. [Editor’s note: the disability community would probably prefer that I didn’t use the word “missing” as a negative, as if they were somehow lacking. They are correct. Those with disabilities are fully human and in no way incapable. I just couldn’t think of a better way to say “without”.]

… fun co-workers. It hasn’t always been that way here.

… online shopping, digital photos, email, and all those other conveniences that I rely on. Let’s add “spell check” to that list, since I just misspelled “conveniences” (it’s now corrected).

… an interesting and engaging summer class. It makes it easier to not complain about it, since I’m actually enjoying myself (I just wish I didn’t have to spend so much time on the homework part).

… no longer feeling (self-inflicted) pressure to have a new Facebook status update every day.  People really don’t care, and I am not all that clever.

… libraries. Need I say more?

… a weekend free of plans (besides homework). Last weekend was so busy, and kind of a blur. I have things to do at home (weeding the garden, vacuuming, painting), and I really need to get out to Target (I’ve been out of face soap all week).

What are you thankful for?