Clearly, a trip up north to investigate is required

Yesterday, while my dentist was torturing me filling two cavities, “we” talked about weddings and honeymoons etc. When I told him we went to Grand Marais, he asked if we’d eaten at the Angry Trout (of course we did – I don’t think you’re allowed to leave town until you do), and then asked if I’d been to the state park up there. I have not, since I have only been to a handful of Minnesota State Parks (I have a list of ones to go to!). He told me about this cool one just north of Grand Marais (there is very little America north of Grand Marais – do be careful not to accidentally enter Canada). It sounded absolutely awesome, and so today I had to do a little more research to make sure it was as cool as it sounded.

Now, maybe native Minnesotans know about this, but I don’t actually know a ton of native Minnesotans, and , being one, was not aware of this particular oddity. Judge CR Magney State Park is 14 miles north of Grand Marais. If you hike just over a mile into the park (and go down 200 stairs, I’m told), you get to a very cool geological treat. There is a river that has a beautiful 50-foot drop. I love waterfalls, so this would be enough for me to want to detour there next time we were in the area. However, the cool thing is that just before the waterfall, the river is split by a large rock formation, and part of the river plummets into what is known as the Devil’s Kettle. Why? Because no one knows where the water goes. They’ve tried throwing stuff down there, and it never surfaces. Pretty cool, no?

Here’s the Google Image Search results [link removed] for you, since I don’t have any of my own to share.

It took me a while, but I did finally get my first paper written (it’s due tonight). I think I need to come up with some sort of mantra or focusing trick, because just as I was nearing the conclusion of my paper, came home and interrupted me (that happens – real life often gets in the way of homework), and I completely lost my train of thought. For about 15 minutes. Never did get back on the path I was headed. It was entirely frustrating, and I think I need a way to get that focus back when interruptions happen.

Any thoughts?

I put fake nails on for the wedding, but this time used the “real short” variety. Let me tell you, they are super awesome. Most of the time, I think they’re my actual nails, only these have super powers. If you ever find yourself needing a quick fix for blah nails, it’s a good way to go. Five minutes and you’re done. [No wedding pics yet – they are uploaded but I don’t really feel like clicking on 300+ links to load ever photo in my browser before finding the ones I want. I’ll wait until we get them into Flickr (and, consequently, you will wait too – funny how that happens).]

Lastly, because I don’t always think everything through, on Monday I restocked my desk with snack food (I was down to a few Fruit Leathers and a mini candy cane – it was depressing), and one of my purchases was a box of Milk Duds. Yummy. I’d really like to gnaw on some for a while, but since I just had two cavities filled, I think it’s prudent to wait. Oh, sure, the dentist only told me I needed to be careful until the Novocaine wore off. But still, day-old fillings probably shouldn’t be put through the stresses of hard caramel. And let me tell you, Milk Duds are not nearly as enjoyable if you just try to let them “melt in your mouth.” Boring.

I did remember to bring my backpack today, so the rest of my day should go smoothly. Hopefully the weather will cooperate for my walk to school, because I do enjoy the workout it gives me (just over a mile, mostly uphill).