Alternate title: Please Don’t Hate Me

If you’re here looking for wedding pictures from the weekend, I’m sorry to report that I don’t have any. was the official photographer, so he’s in possession of all our pictures and I don’t have anything to share until he releases them. posted some on Facebook and tagged me, so you should be able to see a few that way.

Warning: if talk from skinny people dieting makes you want to hurl (either your lunch or something sharp in the direction of my head), you probably don’t want to read the rest of this post. My apologies. I’ll return to normal stuff tomorrow.

Something I tried to not talk too much about (I’m not sure how successful I was with that) was my pre-wedding diet. Here’s how this all came about: The month after I got married (nearly 3 years ago), I gained 15 pounds. Seriously. (Shortly thereafter I also started to itch everywhere, so let’s just say that marriage has its ups and downs.) For the last… two years I have been eating the same breakfast (Carnation Instant) and lunch (apple plus yogurt, with variations), and my weight has not changed at all. Fast-forward to March and the purchase of my bridesmaid dress. took a picture of me wearing the dress so I could send it to . In said picture, I realized that the dress accentuated… my hips. Not necessarily in a bad way, but it gave me the motivation I needed.

I decided to count calories until the wedding. I used MyPlate from LiveStrong, which really helped (they even have an iPhone app, one of the few I’ve paid for). I set my weight loss goal, and recorded my weight every Tuesday morning. (Why Tuesday? That’s the day I started, and I thought consistency was best.)

MyPlate is nice enough to export all of your data to Excel if you so choose, so under the guise of needing to try out Office 2007’s charting capabilities (really, I’m asked about them frequently, and I haven’t actually used them yet, so it was good practice), I made up this graph for you:

You can see that I have marked our trip to California (on which I didn’t count calories, walked 26 miles in 4 days, and managed to gain weight), and where I changed my weight loss goal.

You can see that while calorie counting worked for me (see the red line? that’s my weight), I was nowhere near consistent in my daily net calories. Perhaps I should work on that.

I’ve got to tell you that the goal of losing 1.5 pounds per week was brutal, roughly 1275 net calories per day. That’s, like, very, very little. I was very happy to go in today and change my goal to “maintain,” which made my goal 1996 calories daily, a much more reasonable number. I’m going to take this week off of counting, and will continue counting at a maintenance goal for the rest of the summer (in a very lazy way, as in, I might not care very much if I go over my calorie count, or limit what I’m eating, but it would be nice to know). Then, I’ll weigh-in in September and probably diet again for one month.

I realize that numbers like these make people want to hate me. This was my first time dieting, and I am glad that I was relatively successful. I lost 8.5 pounds. I would like to be closer to 128, which is a perfectly good weight for me. I like the way I look then, and as motivation, I like the way I look now too. Less squish around the waist, which only bugged me, but I’m the one who counts, right?

Why did I decide to share this? Primarily because I tend to over-share everything here, and it was kind of torturous to not blog about it. Also, I want to be accountable, as well as open. I learned that I can restrict calories for one month with little difficulty, but after that it gets really hard. That first month, I lost 5 pounds! I was ecstatic, but the next month I went up overall. A bit too much cheating, I guess. This weekend, one of my uncles asked me how it was that and I managed to look so thin in the midst of all the busy-ness of life. I frankly told him, “I’ve been dieting for the last 3 months.” It’s not always easy to be the weight we wish we were (though I will readily admit that it is much easier for some people than for others). Turning 30 made it slightly more difficult than it used to be (and by “more difficult,” I mean that I never before tried to lose or gain weight – it just happened). My metabolism has probably slowed slightly, and I’m not nearly as active as I was before I got married (also known as when I was car-less) or before I started taking more classes which takes up any energy (and time) I might have.

I would share with you the things I learned about dieting, but it would feel hypocritical. You see, I finished reading this horrible dieting book last week (so bad that I won’t even tell you what it is), and wrote a scathing review of it. Part of the terribleness was that the author had been skinny all her life, and had absolutely no credentials besides that. And, well, since that could also describe me, I guess I have to refrain. Don’t want to be a hypocrite.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful few days. I’ll try to get a normal post up tomorrow, but I make no promises.