I shouldn’t be greedy

But I have to say that a 4-day weekend would have been even lovelier than a 3-day one. Oh well. I do have Friday off, so it is a short work week for me.

I managed to be quite productive over the long weekend ( did too, but I couldn’t even begin to list off the things he worked on, let alone explain them; they involved power tools).

Instead of doing homework on Friday night, I have no idea what we did other than order pizza. Sad, I know. I’m sure it was lovely. (Come to think of it, we probably spent the rest of the night playing Super Mario Galaxy 2, which we bought on Thursday.)

Saturday started late in the morning – I skipped the free seminar at Bachman’s for sleep. I did get a haircut in the afternoon, which was fab. I could swear that half of the hair on my head ended up on the floor (the bottom of her shoes were caked, and while I’m sure I had nothing to do with it, the sweeper-thingy that salons use broke while she was trying to clean it all up). I only lost about an inch of length, however, and as is usual for hair stylists, my hair didn’t lose any volume either. (It wasn’t until I washed it on Sunday that I figured out how much she actually took off and yes, AfroGirl has been held at bay for another few months.) She thinned it out a deal, which was where all the hair on the floor was from. I should have taken a picture, but it was kinda gross.

We managed to get the spare bedroom suitable for guests, which was a lot of work since it had been the staging area during ‘s office remodel. (Plus, things got even more chaotic in there when it flooded and we had to move everything to the opposite side of the room.) The bathroom down there is acceptable too.

On Sunday I got a coat of paint on my nightstand, made up my jewelry for ‘s wedding, and went to JoAnn. I’m sure there was other stuff, but again, I can’t remember.

Yesterday was the big productivity day. I did laundry, mowed the lawn, put another coat of paint on the nightstand, did more laundry, ate lunch, cleaned the inside of my car and its windows, swept the driveway (2 blisters – yech!), again with the laundry, talked to on the phone, cut out fabric for a dress, ate dinner, finished up the laundry, put the last coat of white paint on the nightstand, and got all the linens set in the guest bedroom. Oh, and I made up “marinated cucumbers” (blech) and a double batch of granola from the Better Homes & Gardens Cookbook. Whew!

In the midst of all that, we went to Target, Home Depot, and a few furniture stores. We finally ended up at Buck’s Unpainted Furniture and ordered two bookshelves, which I should be able to show you in 6-8 weeks.

The nightstand was a major accomplishment (though it is nice to have my car clean for once). I still have the top left, and the drawer, so it’s not done, but I feel good about the progress I made.

I also “read” a dozen library books on beading and jewelry. Those are definitely books you should borrow and not purchase, since there’s not a lot that you would need to keep on hand for reference in them. Oh, and I spent a lot of time emailing back and forth with some Etsy buyers (sold 2 books to Thailand, am in the bargaining/trade process on a third).

Three days of work this week, including one long day tomorrow with class at night. Thursday night I will either be doing homework or making up cinnamon rolls with . Friday morning I will do one last run-through of the house (vacuum, wipe down bathroom), and then pick up my great-aunt from the bus station. Saturday is ‘s wedding, so that’s pretty much the whole day. Sunday is a family brunch at ‘s (which the cinnamon rolls are for), and then we will collapse at home. Or finish up that homework and write a paper. Same difference. 🙂