Oh My

The other day I was perusing the internet looking for inspiration, and I came across this dress at White House | Black Market:

It’s part of their wedding collection, though with only two dresses, it’s hardly a collection.

Isn’t it gorgeous? Try to avoid looking at the model’s face – it totally looks like it was cut-and-pasted on there. Focus on the dress.

To be sure, I love my wedding dress, and it was perfect and exactly what I wanted. It was inspired by a designer gown I saw in a magazine (Reem Acra, 2007 Spring Collection, totally not anywhere on the internet anymore). Here are the sketches I sent :

Wasn’t I nice to clearly label them?
In drawings, gravity has no meaning.

I know, I know. You’re impressed by my mad drawing skills. That aside, it got me this wonderful dress:

Those are Grant’s chubby little legs there, when he was not yet one year old!
Wow – I had not noticed my hair before. Huh. I’m sure it looked fine in person.

Pretty true to my sketches, don’t you think? had to make it up! I got tons of compliments on it too (though when you’re the bride, you generally receive compliments all day long). Definitely not a dress I’d sell or part with. (Also, because of the design, I could lose or gain  20 pounds and it would still fit. Most brides cannot say that.)

That said, had I seen the first dress, I might have had other ideas. I mean, I’m not a huge fan of the bust part, but the skirt is fabulous. Maybe I would have hated it three years ago. Who knows.

I realize this was a completely random rambling, but I saw the picture and wanted to share it with someone, and who better than with my captive blog audience!

I’ll leave you with the picture again, to spur your imagination.