• Rice cakes and granola, and the work they do to stop that “hunger” feeling.
  • Three day weekends (followed by a three day work week!).
  • Time spent with friends (and, conveniently, ice cream).
  • Class last night was good, and thought-provoking.
  • New iPhone apps!
  • Plants/seeds are in the ground. Not all of them, but enough for me to feel good about the end of May being here.
  • Ice – it makes most drinks so much better!
  • Fake nails, because the current state of my nails is definitely not bridesmaid (ahem, maid matron of honor) worthy.
  • The new cap for my Nalgene. It’s everything I’ve been looking for (in a Nalgene cap, that is).
  • Finally figuring out exactly what I want for end tables (sofa tables?) in the living room. (No, I haven’t technically found them, but I know what they look like, theoretically.)
  • Our lilac bushes are blooming, and we even have a few daylily blooms (it should be noted that I don’t actually like the daylilies, but it’s nice to see them blooming rather than just being large lumps of leaves).
  • Comfortable shoes. Most of the ones I own are not (comfort being defined as not painful to walk more than a mile in), hence most of the ones I own do not get worn. But those that are comfortable, they’re fabulous.
  • The phrase, “I can wait until you’re ready.” I don’t think it matters what the context is – it’s always lovely to hear.
  • That feeling of “here are all the things I want to get done this weekend,” even if you know full well that most will remain undone. The bliss of the potential.

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