• Both of my thumbnails are peeling so bad that I can’t actually trim or file them short enough to stop the breakage. I wore fakes all last week, but you’re only supposed to leave them on for 7 days. They were really nice while I had them – didn’t have to worry about breaking a nail. I think they’ll make an appearance at the upcoming wedding. (Seriously, you can see the tip of my thumb above my nail, and it still has a break in the middle. Oh, and I have strengthening [clear] polish on. There’s nothing more I can do.)
  • My bank has fewer requirements on passwords than my work network. Guess which one is more annoying.
  • I haven’t bought any fabric in over six weeks, and I’m totally cool with that.
  • There are two mostly finished items of clothing languishing near my sewing machine. I know I shouldn’t start a new project until finishing at least one of them, so I just haven’t sewn anything. (That makes sense, right?)
  • I really, really need to get curtains made for the bedroom, because the patio door faces south and gets tons of sun during the day. I think the extra two layers of fabric will make a huge difference. But, I have never made lined curtains, and I’m kind of afraid of them. I have a book with step-by-step directions, and still… unmade. Perhaps I should try to work on that at least a little bit this week.
  • It was so hot here yesterday that it broke records!
  • So it makes perfect sense that yesterday there was an unannounced detour for my bus route that meant I had to walk 10 minutes from the drop-off to my car at 5 pm (when it was the hottest).
  • I think my handwriting would look much nicer if I wrote slower.
  • My signature is frequently missing one of the Ls or part of the Y.
  • This weekend, I got about 1/2 of our garden planted. It was entirely anti-climatic, so I don’t have any pictures to share. Really, you’re not missing anything.
  • What’s left? All of the squash varieties, plus the peas and Brussels sprouts, whose packages tell me not to plant them until later in the summer.
  • My hammock is still not up. I decided it was important to get our sprinkler system set up before the hammock (since it would just get in the way). We got set up on Sunday, only to realize that one of our hoses needs to be replaced.
  • There are several hours worth (at least) of weeding to do in our yard and gardens, and I really don’t feel motivated to do that.
  • Did I tell you that our new neighbor has his own tree-something business?
  • Bet you didn’t know that when I said that, what I really meant was, our new neighbor uses a chainsaw or bobcat in the driveway less than 10 feet from our bedroom during most of the waking hours.
  • I didn’t know that’s what that meant either, when he told us.
  • The driveway (the one closest to us – the house actually has two driveways and two garages) looks like he cut down a whole forest. I laughed when I saw it on Sunday (I had to look over the fence while I was up on the ladder cleaning out the gutter – I couldn’t resist after the hours and hours of chainsawing).
  • Surprisingly, the chainsaw and bobcat aren’t that annoying. What was annoying? The horrible music he blasted last night while I was trying to do my homework.
  • You know me and my tolerance for noises that I don’t have control over. Don’t worry – I didn’t become that neighbor who yells “turn it down!” but I contemplated it.
  • Sometimes things need to percolate for a while. For example, our living room, which I’m finally getting a feel for. Another example? I just figured out yesterday what the perfect quilt for our bed is. And it’s easy. It just took several months of percolation to get to that point.
  • Sugar-Free Jell-O is awesome, especially as jigglers. The only problem? I can totally taste the extra salt, and it kind of turns me off. I keep trying to tell that part of my tongue to stop paying attention.
  • What’s not awesome? Yellow celery. Blech.
  • I have one friend from college who isn’t pregnant or already a mom. OK, two, but the second one is engaged to be married and doesn’t count (because none of my college friends would have gotten pregnant outside of wedlock).
  • One. Oh, and one cousin who isn’t pregnant or doesn’t have kids.
  • Seems that everyone is having babies.
  • I, on the other hand, am not having babies.
  • Seriously. My biological clock? Totally not ticking.
  • I might take bets on how many times I will be asked “when are you going to have kids?” at the upcoming wedding. My guess is at least a few.
  • There is angel food cake sitting outside my office. I really, really want some.

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