Rained out

This past week was the annual city-wide garage sale here. It was Thursday through Saturday, and I was only able to go out on Saturday. I knew there wouldn’t be much left (except for the few places that only were “open” on Saturday), but I thought I’d give it a shot anyway. I wasn’t really looking for anything, or at least I didn’t think I’d find what I was looking for (matching side tables for the sofa, the perfect dining room table – neither are easy to come by it seems).

Saturday morning, we went over to the farmer’s market (which is only open Saturday mornings when I would rather be sleeping, but I digress). I got some cucumbers and a bunch of asparagus; we also got some havarti cheese from the local dairy (they had a stand there), and then some fresh sourdough bread from the Breadsmith (and I do mean fresh – like baked just hours earlier fresh). We also bought a few plants (rosemary, lavender, and cilantro).

After stopping at Home Depot, we went home, and I got into my car to go to at least one sale: a church sale. Specifically, the Evangelical Covenant Church here that I’ve been meaning to check out. We drove by once and it was super cute, and didn’t make me hyperventilate or anything. (Seriously, I’ve had some very strong reactions to churches on occasion – having had the experiences I did while working in them, it’s completely understandable, though I admit a little strange.)

The sale was priceless, and they only asked for a donation. Genius on their part, since I gave them more than they would have charged for the items I got. Sadly, it was a really small sale (just one room and part of a hallway). I will still give them a chance as a church to try out, even though it was mostly old ladies. Sometimes those are the only people available to staff such things.

I found this cute tablecloth. Red really isn't my color, but I couldn't resist its embroidery.

Close-up of some of the embroidery. Darling, no?

The tablecloth is stained a bit, so I’m going to see what I can do about that. Nothing terribly big or dark, but it would be nice if it wasn’t stained. Wherever shall I put it?

I also found a nice stack of vintage sheets (I didn't take all of them, just a few) and pillowcases, and "Through the Gates of Splendor" by Jim Elliot. I've been meaning to read that book (since I only know the short version of the story, as told by his wife), and this is a nice, old copy of the book. Also, I found it charming that it has "Evangelical Covenant Church" stamped on the edge. I grabbed the copy that didn't have a library code written on the spine. It's in pretty good shape considering its age.

Though I wasn’t feeling terribly motivated to go to any other sales (though I’d done my research and figured out which ones had the most potential), I was sad when it started raining. Poured, actually, shortly after I arrived at the church. So instead of going to any other sales, I went home, and we had lunch. Turkey and havarti sandwiches on sourdough, with cucumbers. Yum!

I will have to continue keeping a watch on Craigslist for what I’m looking for. If I ever find side tables, I can get rid of the coffee table that I don’t like (it kind of came with the house), and pull the couch away from the wall a bit. I think that will help the “flow” or feeling of the room dramatically. So would a rug, but I have yet to find one I’m willing to pay rug prices for (rugs are expensive!). Paint, some artwork on the wall behind the sofa… I might figure out what to do with that room yet!