Decisions, decisions

When the first set of beads I ordered had come in, and they didn’t even come close to coordinating with my shawl, I promptly ordered more. And now I can’t decide. I’m talking about my jewelry for ‘s wedding. The other girls’ sets are already done. (See here and here.)

So, I’m letting you decide giving you the chance to provide your opinion.

This was very hard to photograph, so I have quite a few for you to look at. I know that colors on monitors can vary widely from real life, but I figured that if they were in the same picture, or at least photographed in the same conditions at the same time, they were at least OK relative to each other.

White background:

At the top, you can see the shawl that I'm talking about. It's a turquoise-y jersey. Below you see all seven sets that I'm considering (I will try to not sway you towards the one(s) I like).

Close-up of the first four. Note that the ones on the far right are not laying correctly, but I couldn't get them to sit upright. They're not as white as they appear in the picture, but they are pretty pale.

Close-up of the other three.

Colored background:

All seven on the shawl itself.

Close-up of the first four.

Close-up of the remaining three.

And now, some artsy shots for you. I was hoping to be able to show more of the detail of the beads so you could make an educated decision.


Or maybe this view is helpful?

How about this one? It was really hard to photograph that third one. Even without flash (and it wasn't terribly bright outside), the mother-of-pearl reflected way more light than anything else. You get a truer view of the color in the photos on the white background.

Trying to show you the details of these little beads.

So, there you have it. Since it won’t take much time to make up, I’ll let you make comments through Friday, and then I’ll create over the weekend and share with you next week. (I can’t do a proper poll, as all of the free sites to create those are blocked here. We’ll have to do it old-school. Well, as old-school as blogging and digital photos can be.) Remember, we’re looking at doing a necklace with three in a row, followed by the pendant, just like the other five sets. Earrings are more free-form, and styling will depend on which beads are ultimately chosen.

Once more, just for reference. You can refer to them by name, designation, or by number (left to right, one through seven).

So… what are your thoughts?

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