Linkfest: For your [hungry] inner child

Lately, my inner child wants to eat lots of yummy (bad for you) foods at a time that will most likely ruin my appetite for the upcoming meal. I have to tell her to be quiet (sometimes I shove a rice cake in her mouth, and that seems to hold her off a bit).

But if you feel like indulging your inner child, here are some recipes for you

  • Nesquik Cake | Palachinka [link removed] – Nesquik reminds me of my childhood, and the 80s. Not that I consumed much Nesquik – not a huge fan actually. This recipe isn’t so much a Nesquik cake as it is a cake dusted with Nesquik, but it sure is pretty!
  • Snicker’s Bar Pie | [link removed] – Taking a classic candy bar and turning it into pie? Fabulous! I don’t even like Snickers that much and I want to make this.
  • Homemade Twix Bars [link removed] | Cooking Books – And Twix bars? Lord help us all [fit into our jeans].
  • S’mores Cupcakes | Living Eventfully [link removed] – If you find yourself unable to go camping this summer (perhaps you’ve waited to long and can’t find an open campsite, or your camping supplies have gone MIA, or you insist on sleeping in a real bed – whatever), make some of these up and reminisce in a distinctly sleeping-on-a-mattress, living-with-air-conditioning way.
  • Kahlúa and Cream Cupcakes | How To Eat A Cupcake [link removed] – Don’t have an inner child? Or maybe your inner child is really a rebellious teenager? Feed her Kahlua cupcakes and she’ll love you forever.

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  1. Oh, I have so many more recipes bookmarked to share. 🙂

    There’s a reason “grab a spoon” is the largest tag over there on the right.

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